Wildlife Management Degree: Conservation Forestry Courses

As citizens of the world it is becoming increasingly important for human beings to develop sustainable ways of living and save the environment from further deterioration. One of the most important things to conserve is environmental wildlife and if you believe it in passionately enough, you could even make a career out of it. An accredited course in conservation forestry can prepare you for an interesting and rewarding  career.

Pursuing Conservation Degrees

A wildlife management degree is a course that prepares students to help protect and conserve the environmental wildlife. Conservation degrees could involve training for a career in forestry management or it could include more specialized training managing specific types of flora and fauna.

Wildlife Environment & Conservation Degrees – Options

Wildlife management degrees are not necessarily only about forestry management. This course is about ecology and conservation on the whole, which means an environmental wildlife program could mean conservation forestry management or it could involve management of other zoological facilities and locations for commercial and recreational purposes.

Therefore there are a number of wildlife environment program options to choose from:

  • Forestry Management
  • Wildlife Management Degree
  • Natural Resources Management
  • Parks Management
  • Outdoor Recreation Conservation Degrees
  • Design of artificially created habitats
  • Operations Degrees
  • Law & Regulations related to Forestry & Wildlife Management
  • Administrative degrees related to environmental wildlife
  • Wildlife Ecology Conservation & Restoration

Students can pursure wildlife management degrees and programs as associate degrees or diplomas or college bachelors and master’s degrees depending on what  sort of qualification they are interested in. Some students pursue research and PhD degrees as well.

Ecology & Conservation Degrees – The Employment Outlook

While you might be passionate about the environmental wildlife, you might not want to pursue an ecology and conservation degree if you are relatively sure that you can secure a recession-friendly career for yourself. Conservation forestry and the environmental wildlife in general are becoming increasingly important issues globally. State and federal departments are especially keen on the area at present and it is a national priority. As a result of this renewed interest in conservation forestry and wildlife management in general, the employment outlook for graduating students definitely looks good.

Wildlife management ecologyand biology graduates are likely to find work due to their specialized area of work and the salaries promised to them are above average as well ranging from $50,000 to $100,000 in many cases.

Zoology With Ecology & Conservation

With conservation forestry becoming an increasingly popular area of interest, many students are interested in a career in this field. However, sometimes a specific wildlife management degree might be hard to come by and it might make more sense to pursue a general zoology degree with a specialization in ecology and conservation. This degree will help students gain a general background in zoology and also create a knowledge of local and global ecological and environmental issues. Students will understand taxonomy, physiology and cell biology while also understanding animal and behavorioual ecology and biodiversity.

A wildlife management degree whether coupled with a zology degree or not prepares a student for an active career in conservation forestry and helps them work in jobs that will hopefully make some good changes for the environment. If you are interested in environmental wildlife and conservation forestry and are prepared for learning and a career that involves plenty of research, then this might be a good choice for you.


  1. Bachelor Degree in Wildlife Ecology & Conservation – University of Nevada College of Agriculture, Biotechnology and Natural Resources

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  1. salahuddin says:

    dear sir,
    i am a student of forestry. i have completed my master degree in forestry sciences and currently working as Range Officer Wildlfie NWFP Wildlife Deptt. i have to bring it in your notice that here in Pakistan we don,t have any institute which provides any heigher education in the relevent fied i am working in. i therefore is looking for heigher education in wildlife managemant and biodiversity conservation. as you know that here in pakistan and specially in NWFP there is a huge diversity both in the floral and faunal life.
    i expect that if there is any sort of course relating to my choic3e available you will let me know so that i can persue my education.

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  3. praveen says:

    namastey sir.. am pravin from indore (M.P.).
    Recently I m completed my B.Sc. (Biotechnology ) from devi Ahilya vishvvidhyalaya indore , presently I m prepairing for Assistant conservator of forest exam in M.P.I have a strong interest in wildlife. I have volunteered for the PETA india.
    I am particularly interested in natural history, behaviour and ecology , wild animals and I’m keen on contributing to their conservation in India.
    My hobbies r , Always I try to do something different in my life,
    ,touch Gadgets & Technology,Web surfing, Visited new places, wildlife photography etc. but sir the big dream of my life is i want to join WII, but my tottal aggregate percantage in graduation 48%
    .. sir plz help me wht can i do?

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