What is online learning?

Online learning guide

Learning online is just the same as learning in a classroom, in a school or in a college except that you can do it at a time that suits you, fits in with your daily life and from the comfort of your own home. The choices of courses or degrees you can take online are virtually unlimited and you can learn anytime and anywhere that has a computer and internet access.

Learning online or e-learning as it is popularly called has been refined and perfected along the years using established teaching principles. Colleges, universities, businesses and organisations the world over now offers everyone the chance to obtain an accredited degree online. E-learning is a term which is used broadly to describe learning done at a computer and other terms you may hear include:

* Online education.

* Distance learning.

* Distance education.

* Technology based training.

* Web based training.

* Computer based training – This is generally done at the computer with help of CD-ROMs.

As you can see from the above list e-learning comes in many different forms and variations but all with the same goal, enhancing your knowledge and learning and earning a degree. Your online learning experience will usually consist of one or more of the following:

* Purely online learning with no face to face meetings.

* Blended learning, which is studying online with face to face meetings.

* Synchronous.

* Asynchronous.

* Instructor or teacher led group.

* Self study.

* Self study with a subject matter experts guidance.

* Web based.

* Computer based CD-ROM.

* Video, DVD or audio tape learning.

Methods which are commonly used in delivery in e-learning are

* Print – eBooks, e-text, e-zines or text books.

* Video or DVD – DVD, video tape, cable or satellite transmission.

* Audio – streaming audio or audio tape.

* Review and exams – electronic, interactive or paper.

* Communication – asynchronous – email, listservs, web logs, forums.

* Communication – synchronous – chat rooms, video conferencing, teleconferencing.

Why should you get your degree online?

Earning a degree is critical in this day and age for most fields, even if earning a degree isn’t needed for the job you do now then it will give you skills and an advantage for the future. The majority of people who study online are in full time jobs and cannot take the time off to study for a degree in school so online learning is an excellent opportunity to study and earn the degree in their own time and at their own pace.

Top reasons for earning your degree online

* Study at your own pace and time.

* No travelling.

* Courses are available 24/7.

* A wide variety of courses are available.

* Study at home, work or while travelling.

* Read course materials online or offline.

* A range of process to suit every budget.

* A wide range of universities to choose from.

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