What is distance learning?

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Distance learning is a study program which will usually consist of video, DVD, Text books and online material which allows the student to study a course from home. The internet and home course material have gained in popularity over the last few years as ways of studying and earning a degree without the necessity to travel or be stuck with a rigid timetable in a college or university.

Most colleges and universities now offer students distance learning courses ranging from DIY and self improvement to full post graduate degrees and MBAs. For those with a busy lifestyle distance learning is often the ideal opportunity to study whether you just want to update your skills or are thinking of returning to work after having children and need a qualification.

Earning a recognised qualification through distance learning

Some of the distance learning programs which are on offer from schools and colleges automatically enable students taking them to qualify for professional membership within a recognised body. These are bodies such as certified charted accountants, earning a recognised qualification in a field such as this can greatly increase your chances of getting the job you want.

Any type of study course or program takes determination but distance learning requires that little bit more as you will be studying on your own time and at your own pace, so it’s not something that is suitable for everyone. It will also be much easier if your family and friends know that you are studying and are supportive of you.

A distance learning course in higher education will typically take around 12 to 20 hours a week for approximately 10 months, a first degree can take as long as 3 to 8 years to gain and an MBA, two or three years and can be expensive depending on the degree you’re going for, so it is something which you shouldn’t take on lightly without giving a lot of thought to.

Successfully completing your course or degree

Once you have taken on the course and put in all the hard work and stuck with it then you will finally reap the benefits, even if your intention wasn’t to earn a degree then you will have sharpened up skills or learnt new ones that will help you in today’s job hunt. Important skills you will have learnt along the way besides any certificates or degree that you earned will be:

* How to effectively manage time.

* Studying will have given you the ability of juggling priorities.

* Will have strengthened your commitment to a project.

* Will have strengthened your ability to learn and retain large amounts of new information.

* Will have given you a confidence boost if you’re wanting to get back into the modern working world.

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