Technical Courses : Top 5 Online Vocational Courses

Given the more recent state of affairs, continuing education is always a good option to bank on. Aside from gaining an additional competency that could be used for an alternative job, it also gives recession-friendly career options that could be a life-saver should a lean time come. Trade jobs also allow people to save on some expenses because their actual trades save the need for hiring other people.

As one of the 5 alternatives to online degrees, vocational courses are designed to provide instantly-applicable skills, focusing on trades that one could practice even without employment. Without further ado, here are the top 5 training courses that could start off your vocational careers:

Home Electrician Technical Courses

If you’re interested in home improvement and design – particularly in the installation and maintenance of electrical equipment – then this course might be right up your alley. Aside from providing a steady stream of work opportunities (i.e. you can work for a company or just be an independent contractor), it also allows you to have a specific trade that you could practice for your own benefit, lessening further expenses in home maintenance. Some courses also provide training in appliance repair and maintenance, furthering the marketability of the trade even more.

Carpentry and Construction Technical Courses

Home and remodeling and repair enthusiasts might consider taking a course in carpentry and construction. A general trade, carpentry and construction training courses allow the student to learn all about wiring, plumbing, and fixture installation and design of homes. These courses also allow students to learn more about construction in general – cost-estimation, legal procedures – paving the way for high-paying jobs as home construction inspectors or even for opening independent home-consulting businesses.

Plumbing Technical Courses

These courses are designed for those interested in plumbing, steamfitting, and pipefitting, which are other marketable aspects of home improvement and maintenance. These training courses usually prepare students to be independent contractors for home owners, taking considerable responsibility for the plumbing needs of clients. The same as the top two training courses, plumbing jobs are always in demand and plenty. A high degree of competence in this field might lead to further jobs in construction and home inspection.

Automotive Service Technical Courses

A mix of the mechanical, electrical, and the electronic, taking a course in automotive service prepares the student for jobs in repairing and maintaining vehicles. As a training course to become a car mechanic, automotive service prepares students for taking in responsibilities in car garages, service stations, and car-mod specialty shops (i.e. shops that enhance vehicle aesthetics, engine efficiency, and interior build). Students also trained in auto body repair and modification, wiring, installation and maintenance mechanics, and engine works. Some students might also consider training courses specialize in motorcycle service and repair.

Security Technical Courses

Courses that deal with security issues train students in the planning, design, and implementation of security protocols for homeowners and businesses. Not to be confused with courses that train security guards, these security courses cover topics in the installation of security devices (i.e. burglar alarms), lighting, landscape consulting, aspects of home improvement (e.g. wiring, plumbing, steamfitting, carpentry, construction), legal issues and law enforcement procedures. Students of security are also schooled in the foundations of criminal psychology, and the strategies that could be employed against a secure system. A starting course in security prepares the student for a career as an independent security contractor, or for a consulting business in security.

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