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Earning your graduate degree online can open up endless possibilities for you whether you’re starting out in a new career or just want to increase your chances of earning more money in a position you’re already in. But how do know which masters degree program to go for?

Your master’s degree doesn’t have to be in the same field as your bachelor’s degree and indeed many students choose to take their masters in a totally different field. By taking your masters degree in another field you are broadening your scope of knowledge even further and benefiting from new skills. Here are the top four online majors chosen by students for their master’s degree:

Masters degree in education

For people in the teaching profession who are looking to advance their skills and who are looking for an increase in pay often seek online learning as a way to get their bachelors degree in education. Teachers also considering moving from teaching to the administrative side in teaching also go for this degree.

A master’s degree is essential in most primary and secondary schools if you want to enter into the administrate side. Most online education degrees can be gained online in just over two years.

Masters in e commerce

This is a relatively new degree which has fast gained in popularity among younger students who want to excel in today’s business world; students will generally study marketing techniques, security, business skills and legal issues.

A diploma of this type can normally be earned within two years. Many of the students who graduate from e commerce will usually look for positions in companies which are looking to employ a business presence on the internet.

Masters of business administration

The professional who wishes to make advancements in their particular field will go for this degree, learning online at a time to suit them will let them earn the degree they need while still continuing with their present job. Business programs will ensure that they get the skills needed for making informed business decisions.

Popular choices for field of study are finance marketing and management. Most business courses will require some perquisite coursework in business study. Some students however can earn their degree in a couple of years. Earning your degree online in business can open up opportunities for salary increases and advancement in the field.

Masters information technology degree

Earning this degree gives the student the potential to expand careers of those who earned their bachelors degree in computer science, math or similar related field. Popular fields of study are data systems, data analyzing, and systems engineering and project management.

The time you will have to put into the program will depend chiefly on the amount of preparation which the student put into the field before taking the degree. Students with extensive knowledge in the information technology field might also qualify for accelerated programs.

These of course are only the courses which are most popular with online students there are many more courses and programs on offer for studying online and distance learning. More information can be found online on the wide variety of courses available by searching on Google or listed on the homepage of your local college or university.

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