Time Management : 4 Ways to Manage Study Time

We cannot over-emphasize the importance of good time management skills when speaking of online study. Even though an online education makes it very convenient to pursue another degree, it isn’t as if it’s exactly a walk in the park. To say that distance learning is easier than classroom education is one of the top misunderstandings about online education, and beware the unwary student who thinks the same.

Online education is not as easy as people might think because an online student is required to be more responsible than the traditional learner. Since there are no real class schedules involved and deadlines are few and far in between, it’s easy to “forget” to do assignments and to resort to cramming once the going gets tough. Managing time is still a challenge.

To make things easier, here are 4 time management tips that you could employ to make the most out of your online education:

Time Management Tip #1: Schedule a daily hour for online study

If you’re a morning person then you could assign the first hour of your morning routine for study. Those with a more nocturnal preference could just do their work late in the evening. It could be 30 minutes, or it could be an hour – the point is that one would devote enough time each day without really sacrificing too much. A steady, daily routine of this sort could help in developing a proper study habit that could very well be stretched to a couple more hours. Some people really can’t find free time on a daily basis and may be more comfortable assigning a specific day just to do online work. This is still okay, just remember that you’d need to block off the whole evening just for online study.

Time Management Tip #2: Study sprints work

If having a daily schedule is not really your cup of tea, then you may like to try doing what we call ‘study sprints’. A study sprint is a 15-minute span of time that you could use for an assigned text or doing a bit of that homework. Whenever you have some free time to spare, you could whip out your timer, set it for 15 minutes, and just do a concentrated effort on your learning task. You could do so much by repeating this strategy a couple of times each day.

Time Management Tip #3: Socialize

Study memory is much more longer-lasting when done with a group. Though most of one’s online work is individual, the spirit of collaboration is still an important element to one’s online study. Always attend the scheduled synchronous classes, and remember to be active on the class’s forums or egroups. Sometimes, just being active with the online discussions would be enough to accelerate one’s study. Take note of the online resources that are being shared by the class, and be sure that you appropriate some time to browse through what you get.

Time Management Tip #4: Group your tasks

The simplest way to manage one’s time is actually to list down all the tasks due and then arrange them according to priority, but do you know that you could also group your tasks in different ways? For example, you could group tasks according to how long they need to be done (e.g. 10-minute tasks, 30-minute tasks, etc.), and then manage your schedule accordingly. Another way to categorize tasks is to chunk them according to the place they need to be done – this way, you could just manage to do tasks depending on where you are.

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