The Top 3 Hottest Psychology Degrees You Could Take Online

Yes, there are online psychology degrees – a whole slew of them in fact. For those interested in working with the human mind and behavior, taking up psychology would surely be an excellent choice. Whether you’re an experienced practitioner or a career-shifter, it’s interesting to know what online psychology degrees are there for you to choose from. Here are three of the most exciting psychology programs available in most online universities:

Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology – If you’re a natural at catching deception or is interested in the psychology of law enforcement and criminology, then a degree in Forensic Psychology might be something to your liking. An online degree in forensic psychology could very well prepare you for a job analyzing people’s behaviors in the context of the justice system – giving expert testimony to the psychological natures of clients, profiling and catching serious offenders of the law, and consulting on issues of security and deception are just some specializations you could take an interest in. Online psychology degrees in forensics may have different specializations and/or course names depending on the university – just make sure that you’re taking the course that you really want to specialize in. Some are more dedicated to a counseling specialty, while others programs prepare the student for direct law enforcement work and criminal justice. You also need to note that forensic psychology programs taken online do not necessarily prepare the student for licensure, so be sure to check this out before you enroll.

Master of Arts in Industrial/Organizational Psychology – Are you interested in the ebbs and flows of an organization, and passionate about its development? Then a Masters in Industrial or Organizational Psychology might fit your needs. This program prepares the student for work in organizational development and management, analysis, and evaluation. Different specializations are available ranging from organizational communication to leadership, so a lot of choices are available for the discerning learner. Online psychology programs that deal with organizational studies could be finished within 20 months, given a 10-hour study week. Some programs are integrated within the MBA program for distance learning of a given online university so be sure to be mindful of this when you inquire.

Masters of Arts in School/Educational Psychology – If you’re more interested in working with children and adolescents, or is more comfortable in the school setting, then studying a degree in school or educational psychology might be an excellent choice for you. Educational psychology is devoted to the study of the learning and its philosophies, so both aspects of teaching and curriculum development are included in coursework leading to a degree. Competencies in psychometry, test evaluation, and educational materials development are also developed, leading to a more holistic bent to the profession. Other online psychology programs focusing on education also develops the student’s competencies for school leadership and organizational development that is specially-made for current school administrators Schools will always have a need for educational psychologists, so this is a degree choice worth thinking about – practicing educational psychology is certainly a recession-friendly career given our times.

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