The ABC Of Tourism & Hospitality Management Degrees

The tourism, travel and hospitality industry is one of the largest industries in the world and although it has its up and downs, it is one of the most thriving industries as well. Whether it be hotels, restaurants, a travel agency or even service at a cinema counter – this industry employs millions of staff worldwide and a hospitality management degree can prepare a student to quickly rise to the upper echelons of this busy and competitive field.

Many individuals start out working in the hospitality industry as part time jobs when they are younger and while some people move on to work in other fields, many begin to really enjoy the industry and decide to establish their full time careers in this dynamic industry. However in order to progress in the field, a hospitality management degree often becomes essential.

Requirements For Hospitality Careers

Like every career option, hospitality careers also have certain personality requirements. Some people are just characteristically better suited for hospitality careers. If you are interested in pursuing hospitality management degrees and a career in the tourism and hospitality industry, you can first see if you are suited for this industry by reviewing some of the personality requirements of hospitality careers listed below.

  • Customer Service

People in the hospitality industry must necessarily be good at customer service. Whether you are a travel representative or the CEO of a 5 star hotel, you will have to deal with lots of people on a regular basis so if you cannot tolerate being around people, hospitality is definitely not the career choice for you. However, if you enjoy serving people then hospitality is your thing.

  • Hard Work

Every job requires a lot of hard work but the hospitality industry can be particularly grueling for employees. Some jobs require hard work but the hard work can be performed while at a desk however hospitality industry employees, with or without hospitality management degrees, are required to do physical hard work. This often involves constant travel, day to day running around with many hours on your feet. If you are not prepared for very hard work, this industry is not suited for you.

  • Odd Hours

People in the hospitality and travel industry often have to work odd hours and are required to do shift work. Restaurant managers often work long shifts and may even be required to work as weekends as part of their weekly roster. This industry definitely does not promise a regular 9 to 5 schedule so if that is what you are looking for, this is not the career option for you.

Hospitality Management Courses

A hospitality management degree prepares individuals for higher positions in this demanding and challenging industry. The degree provides students with professional formal training that gives them a thorough knowledge of the industry and well equips them with skills that a higher management professional would require in the hospitality industry. The hospitality course is designed to fill the gaps that even years of practical experience cannot fill.

Hospitality management degrees not only help provide skills that were previously lacking but also help individuals earn a better pay for their skills in an industry that does not necessarily pay well if you do not hold any formal qualifications. This is a distinct advantage of being in the possession of a hospitality degree.

Hospitality is a fun yet challenging industry and a hospitality management degree is a great way of establishing oneself in the industry.

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