Teaching ESL: Teaching English As A Second Language

English is without a doubt one of the most popular languages in the world and more and more people are signing up to learn the language. As a result of an increasing number of students wanting to learn English as a second language, there is no doubt a demand for individuals who are experienced in teaching ESL. ESL is an abbreviation for English as a Second Language.

Qualified individuals teaching English as a Second Language are very much in demand so if you have a knack for teaching and are good at the English language, you might want to consider teaching ESL as a career option. In fact, teaching English as a second language can not only be a good career choice, it can also help you find jobs abroad.

Teaching English Jobs – Common Questions

If you are interested in a career in teaching English as a second language, there are plenty of jobs available out there.  Here are some common question that are asked by those interested in teaching ESL.

  • English is my mother tongue, do I still need a certificate to teach English as a second language?

Most schools and institutes (in the country and abroad) prefer teachers with the appropriate certification for teaching English as a second language. While English may be your mother tongue, a Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certificate gives you the skills required to teach the language to others. While some schools may accept untrained teaches, most will prefer if you have the right certificate for teaching ESL.

  • Do I have to attend classes or can I pursue it long distance?

The advantages of a TEFL course is that you can either attend classes or pursue the course long distance – depending on what suits your needs. Distance learning courses for teaching ESL are becoming increasingly popular as they allow you to achieve the required skills at your own convenience. In addition, distance learning courses are usually more cost effective as well.

  • Where can I find a good TEFL certificate course?

A TEFL course can be pursued from any part of the world and there a number of certificate courses for teaching English as a second language worldwide. You can check with your local British Council or even simply do a Google search for TEFL courses. When choosing a course for teaching ESL, just make sure it is properly accredited so it is recognized by potential employers.

Teaching English Abroad

One of the biggest advantages of pursuing a TEFL certificate course is that it can help you travel the world. From South America to South East Asia, there is an increasing demand for individuals teaching ESL. With your certificate you can travel to several countries, teaching and seeing the world at the same time. Teaching English as a second language puts you in a position to accept teaching positions anywhere in the world. If you are looking for jobs teaching English abroad, get in touch with your local TEFL certificate course provider and ask them the best resources for job hunters. In addition, you can also do your research online and see which places have a high demand for individuals teaching ESL.

Teaching English as a second language can be a rewarding career where you meet and interact with people from across the world. In addition, it offers you opportunities for travel that not many other jobs can rival.

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