Teacher Education – Top 5 Online Education Degrees

Being one of the oldest institutions in our society, schools are given the prime responsibility of educating our youth and of pursuing people’s potential for higher knowledge and wisdom. Education is and will always be a significant part of our lives, and it makes sense to say that there will always be a demand for professionals that are trained in the field of education. Here are the top five online education degrees:

MA/M.Ed/Certificate in Special Education – If you’re passionate about children with special learning needs and want to master individualized curriculum design, educational materials development, action research, and curriculum/material modification then an online degree in special education is a good choice for you. Most online universities have specific programs in special education that cater to those who want to focus on gifted education, learning disabilities, autism, adult needs, assessment/diagnostics, deaf education, blind education and elementary education. This online degree is perfect for the teacher who want to expand his job prospects and for international students who want to start a new career in special education. With the constant demand for special education teachers around the world, this is one of the most popular and recession-friendly online degrees available today.

MS/M.Ed in Educational Technology – Perfect for teachers who are interested in designing teaching applications and for engineers with a passion for teaching, an online degree in educational technology prepares the student for developing technological solutions to educational challenges. Those studying educational technology will be schooled with courses on instructional design, computer applications, database design and management, software engineering, and hardware implementations. Some specific online programs also focus on distance learning and online teaching/management, making graduates of these courses also candidates for employment in the same online universities they studied under.

MA/M.Ed in Educational Administration – Long-time educators who are gunning for the top spot should consider taking up an online degree in education administration. Aside from the benefits of continuing education, finishing an education administration degree prepares the student for positions of leadership in their respective schools (i.e. education supervisor, school principal) and further on to the highest positions in educational management. Those who study educational administration will be trained in the theories and applications of organizational development, community building, educational leadership, curriculum design, policy management and implementation, human resources, and financial management. Want to be the next educational leader? Get an online educational administration degree.

MA in Educational Psychology – Also one of the hottest online psychology degrees, a degree in educational psychology prepares teachers for supportive roles in an educational organization as school psychologists or counselors. Trained in the theories and applications of psychology in the school setting, educational psychologists focus more developing solutions to the challenges of teaching and learning, the improvement of learning environments, the evaluation of the over-all educational implementation of schools, and the management of student psychometrics. If you’re a trained psychologist wanting additional training in education or a teacher who wants to further his skills in psychology then this online education degree is for you.

MA/M.Ed in Elementary Education – There will always be a demand for elementary teachers, and those who want to master their craft all the more may well be interested in taking up an online degree in elementary education. This online degree is also perfect for those who want to shift careers to the field of education; given the convenience that a distance-learning program gives, one could be starting their career in teaching in no time at all. Those who study elementary education will be trained in teaching strategies, instructional design, principles of learning and education, test metrics, action research, and curriculum design. If you are serious about being a teacher then get an online elementary education degree.

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