Studying Journalism Online – Distance and Internet Courses

Journalism is one of the world’s oldest and most honored professions. Since early times, journalists have written and recorded news and information to feed human curiosity. Today journalism offers a rewarding career to those who have studied and learned the science and art of reporting news. Studying journalism online is a viable way for today’s interested, disciplined student to earn a journalism degree and become a successful journalist.

During the early years of journalism education, students were required to physically attend a school in order to receive training. However, beginning with schools based on correspondence and continuing through to the use of radio, television, and now internet, journalism and other writing-based professions have become uniquely suited as subjects for education through online study.

There are a number of online study programs leading to various qualifications and academic degrees in journalism. The first consideration for the prospective journalism student is which type of distance-learning program will be best. By enrolling in a good online journalism course, the student will benefit from the vast reach of the internet, including the ability to meet and interact with students from all over the world. In addition, online education often provides an opportunity for the student to receive individual attention from the instructor in a private way, without interruption from others.

Online Journalism Schools and Qualifications

Many institutions operate both bricks-and-mortar colleges as well as online programs offering journalism courses; there are also many schools offering journalism studies and other distance-learning programs solely through an online platform. The qualifications, certificates and degrees available through online journalism study range from associate, bachelor, master and doctoral degrees through specialty certificates of many different kinds.

Because online journalism education is provided sight-unseen, it is very important to verify the accreditation of the online institution where you wish to enroll. Accreditation means the process of verifying the academic value of a particular school by reviewing the curriculum, faculty qualifications, and overall capability to deliver good education. If the online institution meets the criteria of the accrediting group, then it will receive accreditation as a stamp of approval to offer those educational services to the public. It is important to ensure that the online journalism school is indeed accredited by one or more well-known accrediting bodies.

Pros and Cons of Studying Journalism Online

The advantages of studying journalism online are numerous. First, the student saves a significant amount of time and money by avoiding travel and other costs associated with attending a bricks-and-mortar school. The time saved by avoiding a commute to school can amount to one or more hours of additional time each day. The student can use this precious time for homework or other important tasks.

Likewise, another significant advantage is flexibility. The online student can arrange his or her schedule in accordance with their own needs, rather than conforming to a schedule required by a physical meeting of students and teacher. Another significant advantage of online study is the student’s ability to research, discuss, and perform exercises in real time with other students in faraway places while still enjoying the comfort and convenience of home.

Opportunities with a Journalism Diploma

For students who successfully complete an accredited online program in journalism, the future job prospects are excellent; employment as a journalist is a realistic goal for the serious student. Although various world economies have undergone dramatic changes in recent years, the profession of journalism will remain a necessary and vital career- Mankind’s constant thirst for news and information will certainly provide employment for dedicated new journalists, particularly those journalists whose credentials and experience are based upon a certificate or degree from a competent online journalism school.

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