Social Work Degree – Online and Distance Learning Courses

Getting a Distance Degree in Social Work

Social inequalities have called for measures to provide justice and social workers are the medium to bridge the gap between the various institutions and the public on a personal level. With a dearth of skilled social workers, the demand for online schools to acquire skills in this field has grown. However, finding the appropriate school and accredited qualification should always be taken into consideration before you sign up for an online course.

Specialization in Social Work

Social work includes analyzing the problems in society, working for its welfare and finding solutions to bring the gap between the rich and poor. Help can be provided at the individual, family, community, or even at a regional level. The job satisfaction to be derived from such an endeavor is significant, especially if you are a person who wants to help others and find practical solutions for everyday socioeconomic and psychosocial problems. Unemployment, disability, addiction, domestic violence and abuse, as well as adoptions – the specialty options for a social worker are extensive.

Pursuing an Online Degree in Social Work

An online degree in social work is useful for the following reasons:

  • There is access to quality study material from multiple professionals in documents or on the institution’s website.
  • It helps one to acquire the same skills from home, working in your own time and still keeping a day job.
  • One can discuss issues with peers at students forums, look up past test papers and interact with the teacher at a one-to-one level.
  • One can study at his/her own pace provided that you complete your qualification within the specified time period.
  • Online courses in social work are more affordable. Apart from the course fees, you also save on traveling costs and other personal expenses that you may accrue by traveling to night classes.

Online degrees in social work can cover vast areas –  from social and community services, human ethics and growth, awareness of therapies to sociology, child psychology, behavioral and stress management, conflict resolution and child abuse solutions. Video technologies as well as bulletin board systems can provide a greater classroom ambience and help the student grasp a better idea of the subject.

Institutions Offering Social Work

Before enrolling for a course in social work, it is important to find out if the school is recognized by the state or not. The Council on Social Work Education contains a directory of accredited courses and one can check there to avoid confusion. Social workers also need a license to practice and requirements vary by state. So find the course that is most suited to your place and helps you achieve your goals.

Components of a Social Work Course

A course online on social work covers social welfare policy, counseling, administrative procedures and other aspects. One is able to pick up time and crisis management skills. Apart from theoretical training, practical work forms an important part of the course. Students are expected to have some prior experience and are also expected to take up internships. Schools sometimes offer placements.

Social Work Job Opportunities

Different courses online offer a certificate, diploma, bachelors, masters or PhD degree in Social Work. The course duration and topics covered in a course varies from institution to institution. While a Bachelors degree helps one to being in social work, only with a Masters Degree can one enter the health sector and work in clinical areas. You may also require other qualifications like in other social sciences or counseling.

With an online degree in social work, you can work as a social activist, social worker, manager, researcher or analyzer. Jobs in police departments, hospitals, government bodies, non-profit organizations, substance abuse centers and schools can be easily found. With the social work sector becoming organized, this profession is now a coveted one for those with a drive to work for the betterment of society.

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  1. Michael Gallagher says:

    I am returning to the United States having lived and worked in South Korea for the past seven years. I am interested in pursuing a doctoral degree in either social work or a related field. Thank you.

    • Sam says:

      Hello Michael

      We are not an educational institution and do not offer courses for this. Check for an institution in your country or region that offers online training.

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