Public Relations Major: Preparing For A Public Relations Career

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Public relations is a very creative and exciting field to work in and is a good field of study for individuals who are interested in a career that offers a good mix of news, writing, marketing, advertising and promotions. Public relations is definitely not the same as marketing and advertising and creates a niche for itself as a career option.

There are two ways to achieve a public relations degree. You can either be a Communications student and specialize in PR. Or, on the other hand you could be pursuing a business degree and decide to choose a public relations major. It does not really matter whether you hold a communications degree or a business degree.

Public Relations Courses

Almost every university and school these days offers a public relations major to their students. Many students even choose a public relations major as part of their MBA program.

While a public relations course does not necessarily prepare you for the real world, it does however teach you the basic skills you will require as a PR professional. A good public relations degree will teach you from scratch what is expected of a good PR campaign, including how to strategize, client presentations, writing media releases etc.

Unlike other college programs, a public relations major is less theoretical and involves a lot of practical work, thus teaching you by experience rather than through boring texts. A comprehensive public relations program will also cover aspects of marketing and advertising, with some students even choosing a double major with public relations as well as marketing or advertising. Since these fields are so closely related, such a degree can be very beneficial.

PR Officer Characteristics

Like all other careers, a good PR officer must have certain personality characteristics which will ensure they are a success in the field of public relations. Some of these characteristics include:

  • The ability to easily mix and interact with people.
  • An inherent nose for what makes the client newsworthy.
  • Always being able to spot and scoop up potential promotional opportunities, even the most inane and not-so-obvious ones.
  • Excellent writing and communication skills
  • Ability to work under pressure and being able to turn negatives into positives.
  • Good organizational skills

PR Career – Duties & Tasks

A public relations career is likely to be one that offers many challenges and can be very unpredictable as well. As a PR officer or PR agent, you can expect to perform some of these tasks:

  • Keeping an eye on and attempting to control public opinion about your client.
  • Working closely with the client to come up with a communication strategy that will best promote the client.
  • Write, edit and design all company communications including newsletters, media releases, statements, corporate profile, annual report etc.
  • Organize and host special events for maximum promotional value.
  • Spot opportunities and events that will help maximize the client’s visibility in the market.
  • Be the client’s go–to person for all press and media enquiries.

Public relations is an interesting field of study and whether you are a business graduate or a communications graduate, if you enjoy the business of promoting, PR is a good career choice for you.
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