Productivity Tips: Top 3 Productivity Tips for Students

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As a struggling student, I’ve had my fair share of study tips, memory techniques, and exam preparation strategies. I remember discovering and trying out from this repertoire of tricks, all in the name of getting good grades and just having a great time at school. I guess it’s still the same thing nowadays, even more so in the age of Web. Internet-savvy students can quickly search to their heart’s content and employ whatever it is that they fancy.

Of course, it also means that you may have too many options to choose from. To help you out, we compiled the top 3 productivity tips that students could use to upgrade their student life.

Student productivity tip #1: Network technologies are a lot of help

Although books still have their place in the educational landscape, learning just doesn’t depend on them anymore. We have podcasts, video streaming, Really Simple Syndication (RSS), and other types of networked technologies that rely more on the dissemination and sharing of knowledge. Even a professor’s lecture notes can now be found online, ready for any student to read.

Quick productivity tip: Get a copy of iTunes or Juice (a cross-platform podcast receiver),  search for interesting podcasts on the web, then synch them to your favorite mp3 or video player. Be sure to listen to these podcasts while your on your commute, or whenever you’re doing something mundane that wouldn’t require much of your attention.  This way, you get to be updated about the latest trends in your field. At the very least, you learn something interesting for the day.

Quick productivity tip: Sign-up for RSS aggregators such as Bloglines and Google Reader. What these sites do is via RSS feeds, you get updated on your favorite sites, whether they’re blogs, news sites, or general resource links. Make it a habit to read what’s on your aggregator every morning and you’ll surely be always in the know.

Student productivity tip #2: Make smart notes

When I was in college, I usually brought only a piece of paper to my classes, with the notion that I’ll be copying them to my notebook later in the evening. Sad to say, it didn’t really work out; I always lost those notes or even get confused as to why I wrote what I did in the first place. I quickly learned that it’s a lot more productive to do your notes on something that you’ll be permanently consulting with – a notebook or some kind of portfolio would be a big help. it’s also easier to write interesting lecture notes this way because you already know that it’s more than scratch.

Quick productivity tip: When writing your notes, do it in such a way that you’ll be recording what you feel or think at the time of writing. Come later, you should be able to instantly recall what you were thinking at that time, making the notes you wrote a lot more valuable than just a laundry-list of what’s on the board.

Student productivity tip #3: Prioritize, prioritize

You might have heard a lot of this from all quarters, but it’s something that we really can’t live without: since time is scarce, we always need to prioritize. Some would even say that student life is one big exercise in time management – and many won’t even disagree.

Quick productivity tip: A list of things to do is helpful, but what’s more helpful is to trim down that to-do list to what’s really important. The Pareto Principle, for example, states that there’s only a minority of activities that have the maximum benefit, and one just needs to find out which is most beneficial. To implement this, plan your week early on, and just fill in the 3 most important things that you need to finish on each day.

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