Pre-Kindergarten Associate Degree: Start a Career in Early Childhood Education

As a special education consultant who primarily works with ADHD students, I’ve always observed the need for childcare professionals that are well-versed in early childhood education. It’s not just because daycare schools, Head Start programs, and preschools require a specific teacher education; a general knowledge in pre-kindergarten education also benefits parents, especially those who are just starting out their families. With this, not only could we see that jobs in pre-kindergarten education is plentiful, it may also be the most rewarding of education jobs.

What is a Pre-Kindergarten Associate Degree?

One good way to start a career in early childhood education is to get a Pre-Kindergarten Associate Degree. Also known as Pre-K or Early Childhood Development, this program is designed for people who are interested and are passionate about working with young children. Emphasis is provided for training professionals who are competent to work with infants, toddlers, pre-schoolers – basically children up to 5 years of age – with regards to developing children’s cognitive, affective, social, language and communication skills in a classroom environment. Just like any other associate’s degree, one could finish the program within 2 years, that is around 4-5 semesters of courses in pedagogy, early childhood development, developmental psychology, curriculum development and modification, evaluation, and educational material design.

What are the job opportunities of a Pre-Kindergarten Associate Degree?

Lots of career opportunities are open for those who finish a Pre-K Associate Degree. After finishing the degree, one could start out quickly start out as a teacher in daycare centers, Head Start programs, early childhood learning centers, nursery schools, and preschools – basically, entry-level careers in the field. One could also work with community outreach programs, or for specialized establishments that deal with children’s activities. After completing the appropriate bachelor’s degree program, one could then move on to other subspecializations in childhood education, including special education and developmental psychology. As discussed earlier, a Pre-Kindergarten associate degree could also be a lot of help for the beginning parent, especially those who are interested to homeschool their children.

Can a Pre-Kindergarten Associate Degree be finished online?

Definitely, and there are lots of online programs available for the interested student. Just look for Associate degrees majoring in Pre-Kindergarten, Early Childhood Education, Early Childhood Development or Child Development Studies and you’re good to go. Just remember that a High School diploma or a GED certificate is needed to apply for an Associate degree.

What are the benefits of taking a Pre-Kindergarten Associate Degree online?

Taking your degree online is a more convenient option that going to a brick-and-mortar school. For starters, you could easily hold an internship position in a daycare center, preschool, or any institution specializing in child development while studying, making it a good option for working students. For those who want to shift careers, online study provides accommodations for life experience and academic credit which could make finishing your associate degree faster. You are also provided a schedule that you could tweak at your own convenience, making learning a self-paced (and easier task).

Quick Reference for Pre-Kindergarten Associate Degree:

  • Online degrees: Early Childhood Education, Early Childhood Development, Child Development Studies, Pre-Kindergarten

  • Duration: 2 years, 4-5 semesters depending on the program

  • Job opportunities: Teacher/Teaching Assistant/Childcare Assistant in daycare centers, Head Start Programs, preschools, nursery schools, or community outreach programs

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