Physics Jobs: 3 Interesting Physics Jobs with Online Degrees

The puzzles of the universe are vast, but it is in human nature to figure them out despite this. Physics is the scientific discipline that is at the forefront of this endeavor, and is one of the oldest fields of study known to man. Primarily studying matter, the systems surrounding it, and beyond, physicists will always have a position of importance in society.

You might be wondering what sub-specializations are there in physics and we heeded your call. To help you prepare for an online education, here are 3 interesting jobs in Physics for the discerning online learner.

Physics Job #1: Astrophysicist

The stars figure in the most ancient of man’s questions, the same ones we still have today. It is the work of the astrophysicist to delve into the mysteries of the universe by studying stars, galaxies, and interstellar objects and to find out the connections that may exist. Intersections of many subfields in physics can be seen in astrophysics, including thermodynamics, quantum mechanics, and particle physics. To substantiate their research, astrophysicists view the skies using different wavelengths; optical, radio, and infrared telescopes are just some tools that they use.

Those who want to start a career in this field can enroll in graduate online programs in Astronomy or Astrophysics, but there are also bachelor’s degrees that have the same focus. It is suggested that one should first finish an undergraduate degree in physics before starting an astrophysics degree. You could also make the most out of your online education by finding a scholarship that would fit your needs.

Physics Job #2: Biophysicist

Biophysics is essentially the intersection between biology and physics; it is the field of study concerned with investigating the dynamics of living systems through physics. Applications of this field are broad, spanning medicine, health care, mathematics, and computational biology as some of its notable research areas. It’s definitely one of the newest scientific disciplines, and though many advances have been seen, a lot more can still be investigated.

Those who are interested in this physics job should first get an undergraduate degree in biology or physics. Graduate programs in Biophysics, Molecular Biophysics, or Systems Biology can be taken to start a career in this field. Given its overlap with other scientific fields such as Biochemistry and Biotechnology (itself one of interesting biology jobs), students could also enroll in those online programs.

Physics Job #3: Nanotechnologist

Nanotechnology or nanoscience is the study of very small things; this scientific field concerns itself with finding ways to manipulate matter on an atomic and even subatomic level. Given that mankind has only started to tackle this, future applications are seen as endless, spanning medicine, environmental science, electronics, computing, and genetics as just some serious endeavors. Someday, maybe we’ll be able to create supercomputers the size of a fingernail – just think how society would change even with just that.

This is also one challenging subfield of physics, so those who are interested to have a physics job in nanotechnology should first get an undergraduate degree either in physics or in chemistry. After that, online graduate programs in Nanotechnology, Nanoscience, or Nanoscale Physics can be taken to start one’s career in the field. Given that its research endeavors intersect with other physical sciences, future nanoscientists could also take online programs in Microelectronics Engineering, Biochemistry, and Biotechnology.

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