Paramedic and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Courses

Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) are health care professionals who work as first-responders to care for victims of accidents or medical emergencies, usually via ambulances. Paramedics and EMTs use sophisticated medical equipment to save lives, and are usually viewed with great respect by the general public and by other healthcare professionals, since they work on the front lines of healthcare and may be responsible for making life-and-death decisions daily. For people who wish to begin a paramedic career, many different paramedic courses and EMT courses are available.

To prepare for a paramedic job, or to work as an emergency medical technician, it is necessary to complete an accredited paramedic course. Depending upon the school and the exact type of course, the length of the course may be from 2 to 3 years. Alternatively, some courses are focused on the emergency-nursing-care perspective and may require an advanced degree; to complete such courses may require as much as 4 years. Still, students are often able to find employment in the field as ambulance technicians during their first one or two years of study, even while completing their paramedic studies. And, paramedic and EMT courses are also available by distance learning such as online paramedic courses.

Curriculum of Paramedic Courses & EMT Courses

Students in paramedic courses learn and practice clinical skills such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), ECG, and airway management techniques such as endotracheal intubation. Paramedic students should expect to spend between 100 to 180 hours in academic and clinical learning activities in order to complete a paramedic or EMT course. The range of learning activities includes lectures, assigned reading, tutoring, research, group study, and clinical or hands-on work. Paramedic students also learn how to manage accident and disaster scenes, the psychology of dealing with trauma and injured or distraught accident victims, and other technical skills such as driving ambulances and operating other special equipment.

Theoretical Knowledge and Practical Experience

In paramedic courses, students divide their time between classroom (academic) coursework and clinical (hands-on) coursework in the field or in the hospital. In good paramedic and emergency medical technician courses, teaching laboratories contain life-like equipment to help mimic realistic conditions while training paramedic students to save lives and treat seriously-injured patients.

The clinical coursework in a paramedic course is usually conducted at a hospital or emergency clinic in an urban environment or in a rural clinic, since the range of experiences provided can help paramedic students learn quickly. Students who are studying paramedic science online or through other distance learning platforms are able to participate in clinical coursework at their own local hospitals and clinics. Also, the clinical coursework can usually be scheduled on a flexible basis in order to avoid interfering with work schedules.

Best of all, within the overall profession of paramedic healthcare, interested students can focus on specialized niches such as pediatric paramedic science, or even air paramedic services, which rely on paramedics to care for patients in-flight during medical evacuations. Thus, the opportunities are even greater. In summary, one can say that paramedic courses and EMT courses are the gateway to an interesting and rewarding career in a rapidly-growing niche of the healthcare sector.

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