Online tutoring help for your children

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More and more students and parents are turning to the internet as ways of getting help with homework or when struggling to write term papers, it is a convenient way for students and parents of children to get the answers they need when they become stuck on a topic. Help is readily available from around the world on virtually any topic the student could wish for with just a click of the mouse.

How does it all work?

Help varies but it usually consists of you sending the question via email or talking live online through a chat portal or one of the popular instant messaging programs which are available freely. Other popular ways of interaction are by live video conferencing or message boards.

Is it expensive?

The cost of online tutoring will vary greatly depending on the amount of help you need and the type of program that you choose to go with. Tutoring is offered from anything from a few pounds or dollars for going over coursework and correcting mistakes to hundreds of pounds or dollars for help with a specific topic or paper.

Is online tutoring classed as cheating?

There has recently been cases of sites offering to do the coursework for you or giving you examples of papers to give you an idea of what to expect and how to write papers, however people have been known to use these papers and just alter the wording around and call it their own work.

This would be classed as cheating. Online tutor sites that only offer help and advice or that goes over any papers you have written yourself just to check them before handing them in, or sites that offer help with questions are not regarded as cheating. Sites like these only offer what a school or college would offer through a tutor, someone to help and advise you.

The availability of online tutors

The beauty of having and being able to use online tutoring is that there is always someone on hand 24/7 should you need help, online tutors can be found around the world and are there to offer advice on a wide range of topics including math, science, chemistry and physics, giving students the help they need when they need it.

Some of the most popular online tutors are

* Global tutors – They provide one on one tutoring offering help and advice 24/7 by superior trained staff who can help children and students of all ages.

* Homework tutoring – allows people to send them questions, topics or problems that students are having difficulty with and they will send back explanations and offer support.

* Tutor central – offers students help when and how they need it giving students the ability to see and hear tutors in real time.

* Tutor vista – they promise help and support from tutors who have graduate degrees or qualifications of a similar nature and offer help 24/7.

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