Online Study Program Live Group Chat Advice

When pursuing an online study program, an online student usually does not have much interaction with other students or even the professor. However it cannot be denied that the interactive nature of learning in the classroom cannot be substituted and therefore distance learning program study options are now trying to introduce some interactivity by incorporating live group chat study and discussion sessions.

Distance Learning Program Study Group Chatroom Rules

Chatting with friends is different to a live group chat session with other online students so it is important that you follow a few basic rules. Most chatrooms have a live chat etiquette guide for you to follow. Your distance learning program study school should have chat room rules posted, if not ask your online teacher for a copy.

Even without a copy of the chatroom rules, basic etiquette for an online study program live chat is pretty much the same as what you would do when learning in the classroom. So do not cut others short while they are still “talking”, pay attention to your online teacher, stick to your topic of discussion and use language appropriate for learning in the classroom, offline and online.

Prepare For Live Chat With Online Learning Students And Teachers

A live group chat with other online learning students and/or the teacher of your distance learning program study course requires preparation. It is unlikely that you will be chatting about nothing specific because the purpose of the live chat is to interact with other online students and discuss the course and topics, much the same way as learning in the classroom. You do not have to have everything memorized but a working knowledge of your online study program course material and the topic to be discussed in the live chat room is essential.

Without adequate preparation for the live group chat, you will have no idea what the other online students or the teacher is talking about and will therefore be unable to participate in the discussion.

Tips For Online Program Study Live Chat

An important part of being a good online program study course student is cultivating excellent communication skills. Despite it being a distance learning program study group, you should interact with other online students much the same way you would if you were learning in the classroom. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • If you are on a slow network, you should let other online students and the teacher participating in the online program live chat that your messages might take slightly longer to get relayed.
  • Participating in a group live chat with other online students is the same as learning the classroom so give your teacher your full attention and answer questions promptly.
  • Distractions are never acceptable in a learning environment so when you are participating in an online program study live chat session, keep all other distractions at bay. Avoid checking your email and Facebook and do not log in to other instant messengers to chat with friends at the same time. Your online program study group live chat deserves your full attention.
  • Be patient and let other online students make their point. If your online teacher is taking long to type, they probably have a lot to discuss in this online study program chat room, so give them time. You can make notes while waiting for others to type, just the way you would if you were learning the classroom.
  • Always be on time for an online study program live chat. Consider it the same as being on time for a lecture in school or college. Most online class live chats are recorded so even if you are in a big group of online students, if you enter the online study chat room late, your online teacher will notice.
  • If you need homework help and your question to your teacher is not related to your topic of discussion, save it until the group online study program chat is over and ask them in private. It is rude to interrupt a group discussion with an irrelevant question.

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