Online Study: 10 Reasons Why You Should Study Online

Most people are already aware of the conveniences of studying online. In an online education, your hours are more flexible, you save on gas, and you’re given a whole lot of freedom with your learning. There are also lots of options available, from the most popular online courses to alternatives to online degrees – even personal development courses are available to the online learner. But if you’re still unconvinced about the benefits an online education holds, here are 10 more reasons why you should study online.

1. You can study anywhere – everything’s online

You’ve probably realized that this was why distance education was started in the first place. You can begin your education at the comfort of your own home, and you won’t need to commute just to attend a class. Everything else is virtually within your reach, and advances in mobile learning predicts that it will even become easier and easier.

2. You can start any time

If you’re worried that you’re too late to start studying online, let us reassure you that it’s quite unfounded. Given the nature of distance programs, learners can usually start at any time of the year. You could begin online programs whenever you want to and even semester-based university programs offer a degree of flexibility for its students.

3. You can start at any level of expertise

Not only could you start at any time of the year, you could start learning online at any point in your life. Whether you’re a career-shifter, a college student, or even a high-school student, there is an online program made especially for you. People over 40’s, busy moms – the list is endless and you’ll find that there is always something being offered.

4. With online study, you’re free to tweak your learning

Though you still need to sign up for the courses, as an online learner you’re given the freedom on how you will go about completing the course. If you want to stay ‘safe’ and just do what the course requires, that’s ok, but you also are free to pursue your interests and go beyond the program content. (Don’t worry, you’ll get extra credit for that)

5. You can pace your studies however you want

Online courses are mostly done by employing modular content. This just means that you are free to slow down or accelerate your progress however you want it. If you’re too busy with other stuff, you can relax and take things slow. If you want to earn your degree faster, then no one’s stopping you from devouring mounds of content.

6. You can personalize your study space

Since you’re not required to go to a classroom, you can prepare your study space anywhere and anyway you want. If you want to study in your bedroom – that is, while on your bed – then you’re free to do so. Want to munch on chips and watch TV while taking an exam? If the type of exam permits it, then you’re well within your rights.

7. You can end anytime – and choose how to do it

Online learners can start any time and are free to end the course in whatever way they want to. For example, you could have your resume evaluated and ask for life credit experience, thereby shortening the time you need to complete the course. You could take a certification test and get further credit units – and so on.

8. You can choose your support group

If you don’t want any help doing your online course, then that’s fine. No need to attend additional lab classes or course meetings. On the other hand, help will always be provided. Online facilitators are there to provide support at any time, while email and SMS are real handy if you’re too shy to ask. You can also choose how to be contacted. Too busy? You could sort out your email later. Need to clarify instructions on the fly? Chat and video conferences are there for you to employ.

9. Everything is there, 24/7

Since your course materials can be taken or downloaded online, there’s virtually no problem getting your resources at anytime. You can’t ever miss anything; lectures, assignments and notes are just there for the taking.

10. You’re free to work with a group

If studying alone makes you lonely, there’s always you’re classmates to collaborate with. Yes, you still have classmates and given the conveniences of the Web, you could easily collaborate with them regarding virtually anything you need help on. Ain’t if perfect?

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