Hospitality Jobs: Online Programs Best for Hospitality Jobs

Work and play isn’t something that many could mix, but with hospitality and tourism careers one might think otherwise. Hospitality jobs are best for those who like to deal with people and are interested in matters of food and travel. Given the nature of the profession, online programs in hospitality and tourism are also one of the best online degrees for recession-friendly careers. This does not promise that  it would be easy, though. In fact, a lot rides on how competent you are in a hospitality or tourism profession because it’s the only way that the business will thrive. Given this, it’s important that relevant and proper training should be given.

What online programs should a service-oriented individual enroll in? Here are some online degrees in hospitality and tourism for you to make the most out of your online education:

Hospitality Jobs: Hospitality Services and Management

If you want to work in a hotel or want to acquire general skills in hospitality services, then take an online program in Hospitality Services and Management. These online programs will help you learn the foundations of hospitality services such as hotel and resort services, front desk services, tourism services ,and basically any basic course that could help one have a general career in hospitality service. Given that it’s a general career path, it could be simply said that they know ‘a little of everything’ – a jack of all hospitality trades but master of none. Management courses are also included in these programs because hospitality jobs high up in the career ladder end up in these positions . If this runs parallel to what you want in life, then maybe you could enroll in a hospitality management degree.

Hospitality Jobs: Tourism Services and Management

If you are very fond of travel services then a Tourism Services and Management online program might be a great choice. It’s a service-oriented hospitality job that focuses mostly on travel services, bookings, tourism development, tourism management, customer service, and other pertinent courses that someone in the tourism industry would need to know. It’s quite different from a general hospitality services program because those who learn from a tourism program generally won’t have too many courses in hotel management.

Hospitality Jobs: Restaurant and Culinary Management

If you are a general food connoisseur or is just someone who simply likes to cook, then an online program in Restaurant and Culinary Management is a good choice. As one could see, this course is also quite different from other hospitality services because it focuses on food preparation and presentation. Menu creation, plating, foreign cuisines, general restaurant management, and interior decoration are just some courses that are in store for a student in restaurant and culinary management. Online programs of this type prepare graduates to work in hotels as chefs or for an entrepreneurial career path as restaurant owners.

Hospitality Jobs: Hotel and Resort Management

Those who want to focus on a career working their way up in hotels or in resorts might be comfortable enrolling in a Hotel and Resort Management degree. As the name suggests, students will be trained in basic and advanced hotel services such as front desk services, housekeeping, maintenance, and marketing – the very same courses that they will need on the job. Courses in general building inspection would also be included, aside from courses in basic landscaping, interior decoration, and general aesthetics. Graduates of Hotel and Restaurant Services degrees are also schooled in general management, preparing them for top positions in the future.

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