Entertainment Industry Jobs: Online Programs for Entertainment Industry Jobs

Online education has made it possible for people to expand their avenues for learning and mastery. There are a whole lot of choices for the voracious learner, and it shows no sign of slowing down. Choices range from the most popular online learning degree programs to the alternatives to online degrees.

Those looking for an online degree in the entertainment industry however, already have specific options to pursue their interests:

Entertainment Industry Jobs in Film, Radio, and Television

Does mass media shape a culture, or does it mirror the cultural majority? Whatever the case, the mass media triad – film, radio, and television – had stood the test of time, developing a cultural heritage that’s the sole benefactor of modernity. Given its nature, it’s no real mystery that online programs in mass media studies are a popular choice for people. Be it the next film director, media critic, or television personality, these online programs gives further opportunities for anyone who is passionate about the field. Most online programs focus on skills that could be generalized in all three types of media – development communication, broadcast communication, and production are just some examples – but some train students in specific sub-disciplines such as scriptwriting, communications research and motion film. It’s really up to the online learner to choose from among the three, but whichever the case, these online programs prepare the student for much ahead.

Entertainment Industry Jobs in Music Technology

If you’re a musician who wants to learn an interesting and marketable skill set or a music aficionado who wants to start in the world of music production then an online degree in Music Technology would fit your needs. Nowadays music is not just about artistic expression; the issues surrounding its distribution and production have taken it to a whole new level. In this era of the multimedia, technological expertise has now achieved a higher ranking in the career chain and this has created a new demand for specialists in this emerging field. Students who take an online degree in music technology will be well-versed in the technological aspects of today’s music production: video streaming, sound editing and mixing, studio and sound recording, sound design, and multimedia production.

Entertainment Industry Jobs in the Theater Arts

Before mass media, popular entertainment occurred in the form of theater. Good thing this form of entertainment is still with us today, and if you’re someone who have such a background or who have theatrical interests, then taking an online degree in theater arts might be a good choice. What’s different in this online program is that it prepares students less on the art of performing but more on the skills of producing. Students will be schooled in the foundations of theater production, playwriting, props design and implementation, sound design and lighting design.

Entertainment Industry Jobs in Creative Writing

Mass media won’t be complete until there’s a mention of one of its oldest forms: print. We could very well see its latest incarnation; the World Wide Web has made it possible for everyone to read their newspapers online, browse a favorite article, or put the tabs on their favorite weblog. Online programs in Creative Writing prepare individuals to capitalize on this phenomenon, sharpening their skills so that they would be able to pursue a career in writing whether it’s about creating a professional weblog, contributing to magazines, or finally publishing that dream novel. If writing had always been your first love, or you want to acquire the skills needed for such a career path, then enroll in a creative writing online degree.

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