Law Enforcement Jobs: 5 Online Programs for Law Enforcement Jobs

Law enforcement is not necessarily the domain of police officers; it’s a robust and expansive career path that may start at the precinct and end in the highest levels of homeland security. This is also the reason why there are lots of online programs available that lead to law enforcement careers – each program caters to a different skill set, acceptance requirements and law enforcement sub-discipline. If you are considering a career that directly upholds the law above all, you might consider enrolling the following online programs:

Law Enforcement Jobs: Criminal Justice

Those want to focus on straight police work and law enforcement might want to enroll in a Criminal Justice degree program. Online programs usually focus on practical knowledge about the criminal justice system, social psychology (i.e. crime, illegal acts), personality psychology (i.e. the criminal mind), law enforcement strategies, interrogation, and legal procedures, but students should be mindful that they still need to pass police academy requirements before they get to practice law enforcement. Online programs in criminal justice also prepare students to be lecturers or professors of criminal psychology, so this could still be an open career option for those who like to teach. It’s also a starting career for those who want to work within the court systems. If you got excited about the above descriptions then taking a criminal justice degree online might be the perfect choice for you.

Law Enforcement Jobs: Homeland Security

Those who fight terrorism and uphold a nation’s safety are usually under the supervision of Homeland Security.  It’s an uncertain world we have today, and it’s something that requires our constant vigilance. In this case, online programs in Homeland Security focus on this end of law enforcement, something like criminal justice with additional courses in counter-terrorism tactics and security. As you would observe, it’s a different ball game from criminal justice because law enforcement jobs in homeland security requires a different level of competence and police work. If you’re interested in a faster-paced job than criminal justice, then have a go at an online program in Homeland Security.

Law Enforcement Jobs: Crime Scene Investigation

We’ve already discussed the about online crime scene investigation degrees, and we see it again here for their obvious connection in law enforcement. This career path is particularly suitable for those who have undergrad majors in the hard sciences (i.e. chemistry, biology, physics) and who want to apply their knowledge in crime scene investigation. As you already know, forensic science is the re-enactment of a crime scene based on the physical evidence that was left in the area of investigation. Online programs in crime scene investigation prepare students for tasks involving evidence gathering and analysis, reconstruction, and expert testimonies, among others.

Law Enforcement Jobs: Security and Investigations

Those want to focus more on security issues will be more at home taking an online program in Security and Investigations. As the name suggests, those who specialize in security are more interested in protecting a target or a specific area, rather employing offensive measures that other situations require. Another major in criminal justice, students who take a security and investigations degree would be enrolling in courses on criminal psychology, protection technology (e.g. installation of alarms, etc.), defensive driving, and so on. If you’re interests lie in the descriptions given above, then maybe an online program in security might be more to your liking.

Law Enforcement Jobs: Forensic Psychology

Also featured in the article The Hottest Psychology Degrees You Could Take Online, forensic psychology deals with the re-enactment of crimes and other illegal acts through the use of behavioral psychology. Forensic psychologists are called upon to give expert testimonies and are enlisted to give advice regarding criminal profiles, interrogation, and criminal activity. They are also trained to see through deception, and are important members of any criminal case. Sometimes, forensic psychologists are called upon to give some kind of therapy for offenders. All these are included in any online program about forensic psychology, but it would help if students who take it have an undergrad major in psychology or sociology.

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