Design Degrees: 4 Online Programs for the Design-Minded

You have probably observed that online programs will have definite differences and similarities. Depending on the discipline, we could see that there will always be some kind of overlap between one program and another. For example, both medical technology and nursing are under the healthcare services, but medical technology could also be under the field of informatics. Even alternatives to online degrees can be seen in the same way. What we need to do is just to be aware of these overlaps, and be mindful that this could lead to other options for online learning.

For example, if you’re an individual who likes to envision visuals and design through these same imaginings, then most probably you’d gravitate towards online learning degree programs who challenge the same skill set. Here are 5 online programs that overlap with a design skill set:

Design Degree in Graphic Design

Those who like to draw and are very skilled in the visual arts might want to consider an online program in graphic design. Especially made  for people who want add another skill set to their repertoire, graphic design degrees expand a person’s experience so that he’ll be able to work in design-oriented careers that rely on drawing. A lot of companies require such a skill: print media, publishing, magazine publishing, and book illustration are some major industries. Also, a graphic design degree could be start of a career path in the liberal arts for the same visual skill is being required for both. If you’ve a passion for it, then taking an online program might be a good choice.

Design Degree in Fashion Design

A distinct sense of style and flair is what’s needed to be able to make a mark in the fashion industry, the very same competence that’s being honed when enrolled in an online program in fashion design. A design degree that’s centers around clothing and wardrobe, fashion design could also be generalized to the distinct fields of the industry such as cosmetics, bags, and shoes. It’s really all about stretching a culture’s sense of the normal through clothing and fashion accessories, and students who have these interests in mind could have a go at a fashion design degree. Students will learn the about fabrics and textiles, visual organization, color theory, art and design history, and production.

Design Degree in Interior Design

Another style-oriented career, interior design and decoration is a visual arts-oriented field that relies on a keen sense of space, aesthetics, and functionality as applied to interiors. It’s a field that combines the principles of ergonomics, environmental psychology, architecture, and three-dimensional design to solve challenges in interior design. Aside from taking courses from the aforementioned fields, students will also learn the practical principles that may help them establish their own consultancy.

Design Degree in Marketing Communications

Our daily lives are bombarded by advertising. From the offerings of mass media (i.e. tv ads, radio ads, etc.) to the more creative offerings, we could see that promoting a product requires a lot of design sense. Just think about it: advertising requires the producer to create bigger and more creative ways for a product to be noticed. Given this, online programs that focus on marketing communications are developed to train students to produce for different media streams. Students are given a strict regimen of courses on marketing principles, creative design, audio-visual technologies, and multimedia production among others. After finishing the online program, graduates would be able to apply for jobs in advertising and marketing agencies, and visual studios.

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