Environmental Jobs: Online Programs Best for Environmental Jobs

Howard Gardner, a Harvard psychologist, postulated that there are at least 9 types of intelligences that people may have. He said that people have difference types of  intelligences – strong in some while challenged in others. Each type of intelligence would manifest itself in different degrees for each person.

Naturalistic Intelligence is one of the intelligences he identified, defined as the tendency to become well-skilled in the areas of biology, conservation, and the environment. People strong in this type of intelligence most probably go for environmental jobs, and to help them prepare for an online education, there are 4 online programs that they could choose from:

Environmental Job #1: Agriculture and Forestry

Lots of  research degrees in Agriculture are offered online. The same goes for Forestry because both online programs focus on applied biotechnologies to grow and distribute farm goods. Those want to explore a career in these domains would specialize in different forms of farming, sustainable agriculture, and industrial agriculture. They will also be schooled in the distribution of agricultural products for various uses. Since these are research degrees, those who enroll in these online programs should have backgrounds in biology or have undergrad majors related to the programs.

Environmental Job #2: Parks and Wildlife

Those who want to specialize in the care and maintenance of the natural habitats of plants and animals might want to consider online programs in Parks and Wildlife. Aside from studying courses in environmental science and wildlife conservation, they would also undergo basic training in security and legal systems that would help them in their jobs. Since the field also has intersections with tourism, those who work in parks and wildlife would also be schooled in customer service and specific knowledge in the habitat or the kind of wildlife they will be protecting, a reason why conservation forestry courses are also part of the curriculum.

Environmental Job #3: Environmental Science

As human influence spreads, the environment takes the brunt of its negative effects. Environmental science makes sure that human society and nature could work hand in hand. Those who are interested to work in mitigating pollution and are interested in cleaning up the environment specialize mostly in environmental science. Together with those who work in environmental engineering (which is one of the top 5 online engineering degrees), environmental science experts concern themselves in solutions that affect the sustainability of the natural environment. Together with those who major in Parks and Wildlife, most people who take up Environmental Science are avid environmental activists, working to make a better life for everyone.

Environmental Job #4: Marine Science

Those who have an explicit interest in sea life and marine habitats might want to enroll in a Master’s Degree in Marine Science. As an application of general biology, marine science deals with everything that relates with aquatic life, marine habitats, and marine conservation. Students will be trained in basic and advanced marine biology, conservation of endangered species, specific techniques in marine conservation, basic environmental science, and marketing communications. It’s one of the basic options for people who like to swim or like to care for water-borne animals. It’s also the perfect environmental job for those who want to live out most of their lives taking care of the sea.

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