Social Science Degrees: 4 Interesting Social Science Majors

The study of human behavior in groups has always been a particularly interesting area of research. It’s not just about figuring out the psychology of individuals and then generalizing it to the rest of the population; the social sciences are creatures of a different breed. After talking about the hottest psychology degrees you could take online, and sharing the top 4 online criminal investigation degrees, it’s now time to discuss the options that could interest a people-minded individual. Make the most out of your online education with these 4 interesting online programs for social science:

Social Science Degree in Anthropology

A broad scientific field, anthropology is concerned with studying the processes and consequences of people interacting with their immediate surroundings. It’s not just about ancient temples and indigenous people; even the urban landscape provides clues and incentives to change how people behave. For example, recent urban anthropology studies have focused on the variations on people’s buying behavior while in a shopping mall. From the spectrum of cultural preservation to sustainability up to urban anthropology, one could see, it’s a generalized science that tries to dig deeper into human society as a whole. Online students in anthropology will take foundational courses in physics, biology, human anatomy, psychology, sociology, and economics before undergoing intensive training in the application courses: methods in anthropology, research design, artifact collection and preservation, observation, etc. If you got excited reading the above descriptions, then an online program in anthropology might be a good choice.

Social Science Degree in International Studies

Those who are interested in the study of different cultures and how these cultures relate to each other, or  those who foresee a diplomatic career in the future might want to take a look at an online program in international studies. As the name suggests, it takes a deep interest in the international relations, the uniqueness and the variations of cultural behavior, and the applications that promote relationship building. Applications of international studies are more commonly felt in peace-building, international aid, and political relations. Students studying international studies will be taking courses in political science, sociology, and economics. Students will also be required to study a foreign language or two, depending on the culture they want to focus on. Aside from this, competencies in negotiation and decision theory are also given importance. If you see yourself working for your country’s embassy or plan to work in global international relations, this course is for you.

Social Science Degree in Family Studies

We always say that the seeds of society are not necessarily its individual members but the families that make it up. The smallest iteration of a society, the family is the backbone of any community. Those who specialize in family studies are experts in the practical applications of child psychology, sociology, economics, developmental psychology, and therapy in the context of family behavior. Simply said, it’s all about equipping the students with the theoretical foundations of what makes a family stable. Topics in family financial planning, child care, home schooling, relationship therapy, strategic family therapy, family planning, and other applied courses will make up the online student’s repertoire, enough for actual work in family studies.

Social Science Degree in Social Work

It has been said that a society’s values can be gauged by how it treats its poor and downtrodden – this is why social work is an important field of study indeed. It’s all about creating a society that could provide for everyone with baseline resources so that they could live a life with a measure of dignity. It’s not even about giving dole-outs; what it supports is that no one should be left not exercising that basic right. Those who take a Masters in social work are trained in community development, micro-management, financial planning, community therapy, and disaster management. As you could see, social workers are at the forefront of community work, and are in direct contact with people. If these things are parallel to your own interests, then you might want to take an online program in social work.

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