MBA Education: 4 Interesting Majors for MBAs

People enroll in an MBA for various reasons. Some want to upgrade their knowledge and skills to be considered for a promotion, while others do so as a way to shift careers. Still others just want to complement their respective fields with a business orientation, blending different disciplines with business knowledge. Whichever the case, these has led to a whole lot of business major options, a few of which we’ll be discussing now. Contrary to popular belief, taking up an MBA does not necessarily mean being a generalist in business administration; oftentimes, you specialize in a particular major. Here are 4 different majors that MBAs could choose to enroll in:

MBA Major #1: Entrepreneurship

Though it figures a lot in most people’s life goals, most would say that being an entrepreneur is a hit or miss thing – some people have the business acumen for it, and some don’t. An online major in entrepreneurship levels the field in a sense that it treats every individual as having the capacity to start his own business. Granted, the same difficulties could still be experienced, but with this online program, the basic knowledge and skills would be in place to prepare the student for entrepreneurship. Aside from the MBA foundational courses, those who major in entrepreneurship would also be focusing on courses in market research, product design, feasibility studies, business policies and procedures, human resources, marketing, and market sustainability.

MBA Major #2: Marketing and Market Research

Businesses grow and thrive by being mindful of the immediate and future needs of the market they cater to. We do market research to take the pulse of the market, and apply what we got through marketing. This is the reason why MBAs specialize in these two sub-disciplines at once; they become better equipped to act according to what the market dictates. Taken in a further direction, marketing and market research also allows the opportunity to predict and project for future markets, the holy grail of marketing so to speak. Those who major in marketing and market research will be taking courses in product development, research design, tests and measurements, statistics, marketing communications, promotion, and advertising. If you’re interested in online programs of this type then be sure to have a go at it when you choose your MBA major.

MBA Major #3: Operations Research

Also one the interesting online mathematics majors , operations research deals with the challenge of making business operations more efficient and more effective. It’s a computational field that blends in economics, decision theory, graph theory, statistics, game theory, probability and statistics, and systems thinking to accelerate business processes and make them cost-effective. Those who major in operations research will most probably be at the helm of manufacturing and production operations, but it’s not really rare to see them in general business departments. Part of online programs for MBAs who have a more-than-average inclination for mathematics, operations research is a wise enough choice.

MBA Major #4: Human Capital Development

A company would not be able to thrive if it did not take human capital into consideration. The brunt of any business lies in the capability of its workforce to ensure effective operations, and this in turn requires the need for the constant development of its employees. MBA Online programs with a human resource development major educates its students in training needs analysis, training design and implementation, curriculum design, training evaluation, organizational development, organizational communications, and legal policies, anything that could equip them for taking the lead in workforce management. This is on top of the foundational courses that any MBA takes, so we already know that it really could make the most out of your online education.

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