Online Nursing Degrees: Can you be an RN Online?

We already know that there are courses best taken online. General education courses usually top the list because the contents of these classes can easily be learned electronically. Some personal development courses are also popular in the distance-learning format because of their user friendliness.

But what about getting a nursing degrees online? Since it is a career that requires you to provide health care services to people, wouldn’t it be absurd to take your courses online? This type of degree is different from a student who finishes an English degree online. So what does an online nursing degree look like?

A quick introduction to online nursing degrees

Online nursing degree programs are similar to their traditional counterparts except for the fact that most your courses are taken online. This means that it is more convenient for you as a student because of the flexible schedules, lack of commute, and the freedom to learn at your own pace. You could choose to finish your degree faster or enroll in other courses that you think may broaden your horizons. Online programs are also friendly to the career-shifter, making it a great choice for those who want to start new.

Online programs in nursing include the whole spectrum of tertiary education offerings – certification courses, associate degrees (for nursing aide or nursing assistant tracks), undergraduate degrees, Master’s programs, and post-graduate studies.  Given the nature of a nursing career, a lot of interesting programs are available online to suite one’s interests. Registered nurses can also upgrade their education by studying sub-specializations that include: pediatrics, geriatrics, forensics, oncology, and others.

Since nursing is under the allied health care industry (i.e. professions that provide healthcare support to medical teams) we could see that online programs also help people coming from other allied health professions in increasing their expertise. For example, someone who has studied as a medical technician might also study nursing courses online to expand his exerptise in the industry. Doing so would widen his employement opportunities. International students also benefit from this arrangement, making online education an equalizer for any race, culture, or society.

Yes, you could finish you nursing degree online

Given the already rich nursing offerings online, you might still be stumped as to how these online degrees work. It’s simple, really; as an online nursing student, you take your non-clinical subjects and general education subjects online while taking the clinical practice subjects at an accredited hospital that’s near you. This way, you have the best of both worlds. You get to finish the non-major subjects online a lot faster and get to practice clinical nursing in a shorter time. This is what makes taking an online nursing degree even more convenient than the traditional courses.  Registered nurses who finished their education online are at par with those who have graduated in traditional schools.

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