Online MBA Courses Pros and Cons

Deciding on getting your MBA degree is the first step. It is then time to determine the type of setting that is more appropriate for your lifestyle to pursue this program. An online MBA is an attractive option to many these days and it is useful to understand and establish whether this educational setting is suitable for you. It may allow you to complete your MBA part time but you first weight out the pros and cons of a full time MBA vs a part time program.

What is an online MBA program?

An online MBA program makes use of technology to deliver the course material of traditional MBA classes over the internet. Essentially, the same content is used for online MBA programs, delivered by professors to students through file sharing, webinars and online tutorials. Classroom lectures are delivered through video clips and discussions between students take place in discussion forums. Homework and assignments are delivered through online file exchange.

Professors are expected to be available to answer student queries through email or chat. The traditional classrooms are replaced by an online forum, thus bringing together teachers and students from various geographical locations. An online MBA is well suited for those requiring flexibility in their schedules so that they can set their own pace and work on the program from the comfort of their home, while simultaneously taking care of other professional and personal obligations.

Pros and Cons of Online MBA

Every program has its advantages and disadvantages that can help one decide which degree setting is more suitable. To help determine whether an online MBA is for you, it is important to explore both sides of it.

Pros of an Online MBA

  • Allows individuals with a hectic work schedule or those with young children in the house to pursue an MBA degree at their own time, from home, after attending to their other priorities.
  • Provides flexibility and gives students the power to set their own pace as the online program is accessible 24/7.
  • You are not required to quit your current job and stop earning in order to advance your career by pursuing an MBA degree online.
  • Does notrequire you to relocate in order to obtain an MBA degree from a particular college.
  • The course content is usually very similar to that provided within the classroom.
  • It is usually easier to be accepted into an online degree program than an on-campus program of a top MBA school, as it is less competitive.

Cons of an Online MBA

While every effort is made to recreate the traditional classroom experience, there is an obvious lack of face-to-face interaction with the professor and other students.

  • Not suitable for procrastinators as there are no definite deadlines for completed assignments.
  • Part of getting an MBA is making essential contacts within the classroom to help you in the future. While the content material may be the same, classroom interaction is minimal.
  • A harder learning experience for subjects in which a large amount of teacher-student guidance is required.
  • Career services, such as on-campus recruitment, mock interviews, career counseling, are not provided to online students.
  • May not be seen as equally valuable as an on-campus MBA by certain employers.

Over the years, the value of online MBA has risen and it is now being implemented by universities everywhere. With the evolution of the internet and the increasingly hectic work schedules of individuals, an online MBA is gaining in popularity, giving hard working people the opportunity to achieve their educational goals from home.

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