Is online learning right for you?

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Online learning guide

While you can gain the same knowledge and degree from online learning that you would by attending a college or university it is very different from the traditional method of learning that most of us are used to. In a college or university we have the safety net of knowing there are instructors and classmates to help us should we need it, while online we are on our own to a degree.

Some students may excel in college or university and do poorly when learning online while some that do poorly in colleges and universities excel in studying on their own time online, the students lifestyle will also play a big part in how successful they are when learning online.

Traits that successful online students have are

* Being self directed and motivated.

* Are at ease and are proficient in the use of computers.

* Are able to use email, word processing and internet browsers competently.

* Are disciplined and independent.

* Are able to stay focused on a task.

If you can answer yes to several of the questions below then online learning may be the right choice for you when thinking of taking a degree.

Are you dedicated and motivated easily?

The majority of online learning will happen at your own pace when you choose, if you are able to dedicate yourself to taking time out to learn, then online learning will suit you, if however you tend to drift off and lose concentration then it may not be what you need. To achieve success and earn your degree or certificate you will have to be responsible for structuring your learning to finish each part of your coursework.

Do you have the technical skills needed?

Along with the obvious of knowing how to use a computer and the internet you should be proficient in the use of them and typing, searching, writing email, sending attachments and sometimes downloading and installing software onto your computer.

Do you have strong reading skills?

Reading is essential in any form of learning and more so in online learning, you should have strong skills in both reading and also in comprehending what you read.

Do you have the discipline to study regularly?

Remember you will be your own boss, what you learn and when you learn is entirely up to you, you won’t have a teacher standing over you reminding you to concentrate on your work. You will have to allot as much time to studying as you would with any traditional course you would take, but you will have to set your own pace.

Will you feel you are able to ask questions when you need?

Just because you are studying online doesn’t mean that you can’t ask for help when it’s needed. Although there won’t be a tutor as such stood before you there should be an instructor online to help you with any queries or things you are unsure about.

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