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The different online learning styles

There are many different styles in online learning and knowing them can help make the difference to being successful when choosing this method of earning your degree. The methods of producing your work and delivering it are very different from studying in the traditional classroom environment, so understanding the basics of how you learn is essential.

With a little knowledge your studying habits can be greatly improved no matter what type of learner you are. The three main types of learning skills are visual, auditory and tactile kinesthetic.

People essentially learn by

* Reading which is visual

* listening which is auditory

* Seeing which is visual

* Speaking which is auditory

* Doing which is tactile kinesthetic

Reading, listening and seeing are all passive types of learning while the last two are active types. How much we learn is based on the type of learning which we prefer and the level of our involvement in the learning process. We will usually learn through a combination of the ways listed above with our environment playing a part in the learning process to a degree.

The active learning modes

A good learning environment is essential in any type of learning be it traditional or online, most people learn by putting into practice what they have learnt, this is followed by doing and speaking about what we have learnt which helps us to retain the knowledge. These levels of involvement are all active learning modes.

The passive learning modes

Seeing and reading are passive learning modes which follow behind when it comes to retaining knowledge, after speaking, listening and seeing come next when it comes to retaining knowledge.

How it all comes together

In an online class we learn more passively than anything, this is done by reading text online, listening to audio clips and viewing graphics. The active part however where we would normally speak is done by sending out email and chatting in chat rooms to seek help and advice at a pace set out by yourself.

A lot of what online learners actual learn is put to the test in their home environment, by doing so many online learners say they retain more knowledge this way than in a traditional setting.

Of course we are all individuals and learn at different rates in our own way so you would have to find a setting and style that suits you, maximizing your learning by choosing courses which are suited to your style of learning is also an essential. Talking and putting into practice in your day to day life will also maximize your online learning experience to its full potential.

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