Online Learning: 5 Websites Useful to Online Education

After you prepare for an online education, most likely you have already observed that most of the resources you’ll be using will be found on the web. But do you know that, aside from the modules, the synchronous study sessions, example projects, and study tips that you get from your online university, there are other useful websites that you should be browsing? Here are the top 5 websites that you should be aware of:

Useful Online Learning Websites #1: Community network sites

These days, it’s the norm to be a member of a social network sites – Facebook, Myspace, Linkedin, etc. Not only do they provide opportunities for people to express themselves, it also allows members to connect and interact with different communities. This now makes it a strong tool for online learning: given the wide variety of groups inside these social network sites, it is most certain that you could find a group whose interests are parallel to what you’re studying. If you need to find a closer-knit network, try to search for Yahoo Groups, Google Groups, and Ning networks. If you’re the type to personalize your online education with social interaction, then this is the way to go.

Useful Online Learning Websites #2:  Social bookmarking sites

Google is a great search tool for anything under the sun, but given that there’s quite a proliferation of sites out there, sometimes it’s hard to find what you’re looking for. Enter social bookmarking sites like and Stumble Upon. What makes these sites interesting is aside from being a repository for those links that you’ve found useful, you could also see what other people have bookmarked. Simply said, bookmarked links which have the same search tags as yours have a higher probability of being useful than the average search engine result.

Useful Online Learning Websites #3:  Microblogging sites

It’s the heyday of microblogging sites like Twitter, Tumblr, and Posterous. Often called life streaming sites, these particular portals allow the fast and easy publishing of what people find interesting. The same as the benefits provided by social bookmarking sites, the links that people tag and post on microblogging sites are more certain to be useful for the online learner – just be mindful of spam links and articles and you’ll be ok. Simply said, microbologging sites are good alternative online learning portals that could help you make the most out of your online education.

Useful Online Learning Websites #4:  Online collaborative tools

Although there are specific tools that universities use for online learning and collaboration, group work has been made easy by online collaborative sites like Google Docs. These sites allow people to create and edit online documents and to share these same documents for revision by other people. For example, if you were asked to finish a paper with 3 other group mates, you could just post a document online and revise that paper in real-time – easy as pie, you’ve done your group work without even leaving your home.

Useful Online Learning Websites #5:  Social media sites

In a world of social applications, it’s inevitable that media would be shared in the same manner. Sites like YouTube and Vimeo have allowed people to easily post and share their videos online, videos that would interest any online learner. Among the home recordings and funny videos, there are excellent educational channels that you could subscribe to, free of charge. There are also excellent lectures that could be found uploaded in the same video sharing sites, again, a boon to online learning.

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