Online Learning: 5 Online Learning Tips for Working Moms

Among the countless benefits of an online education, it’s the convenience of being able to study while doing full-time work that holds the most importance. Working moms benefit from such an approach because it allows them to balance family life and work responsibilities while giving time for personal development. This doesn’t guarantee that it will be smooth-sailing though, so we compiled 5 ways in which working moms could make the most out of their online education:

Tips for Working Moms #1: Ask the family to help out

Given that there will be an additional responsibility that you have to take (i.e. studying), you have to brief everyone about the changes that need to take place. Explain that you will need some time off in the evenings to concentrate on school work, and that you’ll need their help to maintain the household. Distribute chores according to each child’s capability and just assign additional tasks if  there’s a need. Remember to ask everyone to keep quiet when you’re holding your study session and to only disturb you when something important is amiss. By asking everyone to help out, it lessens your load and keeps you committed to continuing your online education.

Tips for Working Moms #2: Personalize your study space

Personalize your online education y customizing your study space. Be aware of the learning styles you employ and capitalize on them to make the perfect learning environment. As much as possible, reserve a room or a table just for online study; the way it is, if your children see you there, then they’ll known you’re doing some serious school work. Your study area will also need some sort of shelving space for your books and manuals so these will always be at hand. Decorate your study space with motivational quotes or a favorite poster; how you personalize your learning space is limited only by your imagination.

Tips for Working Moms #3: Don’t forget your family days

One way of managing your time is to schedule special days in which you’ll devote all your time solely to family activities. Go out with the kids, walk in the park, and play some Frisbee – by doing this, you ensure that you’re not tipping the balance too much to topple any of your commitments. Doing this also ensures that you’ll always have time with your family regardless of what you do in school.

Tips for Working Moms #4: Participate in online communities

Being active in online communities will be a great help to your online education. Participate in the live chats, and be sure to consistently post on your discussion boards. Connect to your classmates through the existing social network sites and make new friends. You’ll never know how a contact could help you out, either with homework or with something beyond your online course.

Tips for Working Moms #5: Relax and have fun

Lastly, always remember to have fun. Take the occasional time off and don’t forget to cultivate your hobbies. Given the load that you have to handle, it’s nice to know that there things out there that you do just for the heck of it.

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