Online Interior Design Course (Distance Education)

In this modern day and age, as population pressure is increasing and newer spaces are being designed, there is the constant need to utilize space well while maintaining the comfort level of people. Thus, the demand for interior designers is constantly on the rise. If you think you have the right skills to make your mark in this career, but are unable to enrol yourself at a college, an online degree in interior design may be just the thing for you.

Qualification Levels

Degrees in interior design being offered online are at the associate, bachelors and masters level. You may also enrol for a diploma programme in this discipline. There is no doctoral degree offered online in this field so far. Before enrolling for this kind of a course, students should check the accreditation of the university.

Course Duration

The course duration for the interior design degree varies, with distance learning students being given the flexibility to finish it in their own time, as per the policies of different universities. A bachelors degree in interior design online takes about four years to complete while a masters degree takes about two years. Students may finish these degrees earlier too. Though it looks easy, completing an online degree successfully requires perseverance and diligence. However, once this degree is completed, the efforts will surely pay off.

Course Structure and Modules

Interior design degrees are not just about teaching students how to plan the interiors of a room. They involve a scientific study of space, its aesthetic utilization and a functional evaluation of it. Courses vary in their nature, from university to university, with some common components. Students are trained in both the theoretical and practical aspects of design. While the associate degree gives students the basic overview of the industry, the bachelors degree coaches them through computer-aided graphics and drafting.

Students are trained in space planning and 3D model making and provided information about different architectural systems. They create their portfolio at the end of the bachelors course. The masters degree is far more specialized, with students having to complete a thesis at the end of their course. At the masters level, students can customize their courses in some cases. While there are core papers such as aspects of lighting, interior architecture theory and so on, there is scope for furthering study in one’s area of interest.

Job Prospects

After acquiring a degree in interior design and based on their area of specialization, students can seek employment as project designers, textile designers, furniture designers and so on. With a few years of experience, designers can expect an annual salary between $35,000 to $45,000. While your innovative strategies will distinguish your work from those of others in the field of design, in the absence of a formal degree you will not be able to find work easily. It is always advisable to have some educational backing to your talent even if you are already well versed in the interior design industry.

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