Online Information Technology Training (IT Training)

The growth of information technology continues to provide opportunities for those seeking IT careers. The diversity and complexity of today’s software and hardware systems allows IT professionals plenty of opportunity, either to specialize or to provide broad-based IT services.

People who work toward careers in information technology are usually forward-thinking, intellectually-oriented, and fascinated by computers and information technology in general. Well-trained IT workers are set to enjoy interesting, rewarding careers.

Information technology is a rapidly-changing field, and those who desire to work in the IT profession must obtain IT training leading to appropriate certification. Online IT training allows students to study and advance according to their own schedules. Many students in online IT courses are already working in IT yet wish to earn better pay and gain more opportunity by learning additional IT skills. Other students earn academic degrees first and then enter the IT profession with degrees in addition to their technical certifications.

Types of IT Training Are Available Online

Many different types of IT courses and online information technology training are available, and the career pathways include both general academic learning through colleges and universities, and specialized information technology training courses which lead to certifications of professional competence within a particular niche of IT education. Let’s first consider the industry-centered IT training programs.

Industry-Centered IT Certification Programs

Students who participate in online information technology training can earn the professional IT certifications listed below, which represent that the student has successfully demonstrated competence in a significant IT platform or system.

Major hardware and software producers typically provide training and certification in their systems to ensure effective network operations. Some of the most-commonly-sought certifications include—

Sun-Java Certification

For those interested in Java, which is one of the most popular and widely used object-oriented programming languages, the long-time software leader Sun Microsystems (Oracle America as of January 2010) offers IT training leading to software proficiency certification for programmers, developers and architects. Employers usually require such certifications of knowledge and competency in order to qualify prospective employees and contractors.

Microsoft Certifications

Microsoft offers a wide variety of subjects with various levels of certification, covering such areas as systems engineering, systems administration, database management, security, and technical support.

Cisco Career Certification

Likewise, Cisco Systems offers certifications at the level of Associate, Professional, and Expert in competencies with regard to networking, switching, routing, network security and similar areas of expertise. Certifications are available for most of the other top software and hardware companies, too, and they are very helpful if not mandatory for those who seek jobs in information technology.

Academic Degrees and Certifications

Beyond the industry-centered certifications, students may also receive Information Technology training and degrees through online academic institutions, including Associate and Bachelor degrees in the following fields—

  • Network Systems Administration
  • Computer Information Systems – Computer Forensics
  • Computer Information Systems – Analysis & Integration
  • Network & Communications Management
  • Information Technology – Business System Analysis
  • Software Engineering
  • Health Informatics
  • Systems Security & Information Assurance
  • Software & Programming Architecture

Career Outlook

Successful IT professionals usually earn excellent compensation. For motivated students in search of an interesting and financially-rewarding career, online Information Technology training is the key to success in a field which continues to grow and offer new opportunity daily. Those interested in exploring the possibilities of a career in Information Technology should contact a knowledgeable educational adviser for more information.

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