Online High Schools: 5 Tips to Make High School Work

Online high schools were created to address the needs of school children who, for some reason, are not able to participate in the traditional school system. Child celebrities and athletes benefit from such a scheme because it allows them to be freely employed while being enabling them to continue their education and preparing them to go to college. Those who are not able to go outside their home for health or special needs reasons are also targeted because it would be a waste if they aren’t able to study when in fact they can capitalize on the online learning format. From what we are able to gather, virtual schools extend the opportunity for a good high school education to more children.

Of course, online high schools wouldn’t be able to work smoothly without help. In this case, it is the parents who have a crucial role in successful home schooling. It’s an investment that shifts the attention from just paying the premium of a tuition fee to exerting active efforts to cultivate a culture of thinking at home. We can even be bold enough to say that online high schools wouldn’t have progressed without the cumulative efforts made by parents.

How could a parent then help out? There are essential matters that parents need to remember with online high schools; here are five of the most important.

1. At least one parent has to stay at home for online high schools to work

The value of a traditional tuition fee lies in the expectation that the school would be taking care of most of the child’s education. It’s the price we pay for renting the schools premises, the teachers’ expertise, the opportunities for socialization, and everything that is needed in the high school experience.

Online high schools take these things differently primarily because of its online learning format. In lieu of the traditional school services, it is the stay-at-home parent that would provide most of what’s needed. In exchange for a lowered tuition, he or she would be coordinating the education of the online high school-enrolled child. In the case of special needs children or working children, the value having a parent stay at home becomes even more evident. This also ensures that the child still has or experiences something akin to normal schooling, with schedules, homework, projects and such.

2. Virtual schools are not just about online activities

Though most of the work would be done online, enrolling in an online high school does not really mean that it will just be all about online activities. Home-schooled children should be able to apply the principles they’ve learned from their classes to practical or real-life situations. This means that though a child may not be required to pass a diorama online (and it would be impossible to do so), we should provide extra learning activities to facilitate the child’s learning.

3. Socialization is still important with online study

Given that there is little to no actual socialization involved in an online high school program, it makes sense for parents to create their own ways of providing socialization opportunities for their children. For example, given guidance, parents could allow children to work their way with social network sites and enable their children to cultivate friendships online. Parents may also become more active in their respective communities, and it is with this that they could integrate their child’s daily living activities.

4. Children in online high schools need stricter home schedules

Since studying in an online high school really means studying at home, it really is easy to confuse it with the freedom to do “whatever one wants”. Though an online education provides this form of flexibility, it also means that stricter home schedules are needed for a child to be able to finish his classes and do his extra activities. In a way, more learning actually occurs because of the time involved in the study, but for the most part, actual learning could only occur if the schedules were stricter.

5. Online high schools require children to be responsible

Parents should also need to be mindful that they should cultivate responsibility in their children. Though parents could coordinate and online high schools could provide content, a child’s online study is dependent on his ability to learn by himself. It is the child who earns the diploma anyway, so we have to make the child realize how important that he learn how to regulate and motivate himself for learning.

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