Online High School: A Guide to Online High Schools

The education of today has evolved to a degree more flexible than that seen decades ago, made possible through the progress web technologies. Online education has opened a spectrum of possibilities to students of different ages, the latest of which is the formation of online high schools. Also known as cyber high schools or virtual high schools, an online high school is an educational institution accredited by the state wherein teaching and learning happens mostly online. Given its nature, it allows students to get a high school diploma through self-paced learning primarily done at home. Though you may be able to go to college without finishing high school, the learning experience makes it all worthwhile.

Why go to an online high school?

There are lots of reasons why families would opt to send their children to an online high school. For one, it benefits children who for some reason wouldn’t be able to go to a traditional high school. Child athletes, celebrities, and performers are part of an online high school’s student body, but it isn’t rare to have other home-schooled children to enroll. Children with special learning needs, including those who are ill and need to be bed-ridden, who are otherwise able to benefit from online study also have a lot to gain from this kind of education.

How do you choose an online high school?

If you or your child has decided to enroll in a virtual high school, there are two viable options available: private online schools, and university-sponsored schools. Private online schools are much like their traditional counterparts, in a sense that each school will vary in terms of cost, educational philosophy, and distance-learning format. On the other hand, university-sponsored schools were created to complement their university counterparts, also varying its characteristics depending on the online university it is affiliated with. Both kinds of schools bestow a state-approved high school diploma, so the choice of one or the other would depend only on your preferences.

Online high schools also vary in terms of the quality of education they provide. One could usually determine this by first investigating the school’s cohort survival rate, i.e. the number of students that graduated from the school, and the percentage of students that had gone to college. Simply said, the more graduates a school has, the better the quality of its teaching. Other measures of quality include the educational qualifications of the faculty, and the type of services that the school offers its students.

How could you prepare your child for an online high school?

There are many ways in which one could prepare for an online education. For children who would do most of their studying at home, it is best that at least one parent stay with them to supervise their learning. Remember, a home education doesn’t necessarily mean a lax education; sometimes, one even needs to be more strict about its implementation. Establish a personalized study space for your child, and establish study schedules in which the child would need to follow. Though it is quite tempting to intersperse a child’s educational activities with that of the families, a fixed schedule would still be recommended. Also, remember to provide opportunities for your child to socialize.

For children who would do most of their work on the road, be sure to reserve whole days in which the child would just devote their time to school work. If a busy schedule does not permit such an approach, a compromise could be done by just establishing study periods whenever there is time.

Online high schools are the future

Online high schools provide opportunities that are unparalleled by traditional schools. Though there will still be some misunderstandings about online education, its very existence provides hope and gives individuals a sense of belonging when it seems that there is none. One cannot over-emphasize the importance of this, and with that, no child really is left behind.

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