Online Grant Writing Classes: Be a Professional Grant Writer

I’ve done some charity work for the past few years, and it never fails to amaze me how foundations and non-government institutions could keep afloat. It’s no small skill to be able to juggle around such responsibilities, and with the premium that people give to these institutions they are more than behooved to carry on their works. But recently, I just found out that it’s not just about how the resources are employed but in how they are obtained. Grants and proposals figure a lot in their approach, and grant writing a necessary skill to help them achieve their objectives. It’s different from a simple marketing career and it requires a different skill-set from the usual MBA program, but grant writing serves to accomplish funding needs that MBA Majors don’t tackle at length.

Grant writing is the standard way of preparing proposals for grant-seekers. It serves to match their needs with philanthropic institutions (i.e. the grant-makers) with the objective of obtaining the necessary resources required for their organization. Professional grant writers are at the helm of such a process because they are the ones who develop the actual proposal. Grant writers attempt to persuade grant-makers with compelling information,establishing that the organization and it alone is the perfect partner for the those giving out the funding.

If you’re skilled enough to present well-researched and pesuasive information about any institution that requires it and get grant funding as a result, then you’ll be a strong consultant for those who will need it. Grant writing is a lucrative career, and if you see yourself in the above description then being a professional grant writer might be just the job for you.

Grant writing courses can be found online

For those who want to start a career in career grant writing, online offerings are plentiful and varied. There are established certificate courses that you could enroll in, but there are also free offerings that you could try out. Here’s a quick list for those who are interested:

Free online grant writing courses:

1. Foundation Center has a proposal writing short course that walks you through the basics of grant writing. With newbies and intermediate players in mind, this short course aims to help people out in the easiest way possible, providing outlines and examples to parts of proposal writing and many other essential information

2. Non-profit Guides also have a similar grant writing short course, but in addition to the program, they also offer tools that foundations and grant-seekers could use in their over-all grant funding processes.

3. Grant Writing Basics by the Children’s Services Council of Palm Beach County is a great resource for those who would like to have a quick review about grant writing. It’s not as detailed as the first two courses, but it works for what it’s made for.

Grant-writing courses from online universities:

1. Program Design and Proposal Writing from the University of Phoenix is a 3-credit academic course that not only teaches you about grant writing but also makes you learn about the basics of program design and evaluation.

2. Grant Writing Online Certificate Program by Gatlin Education Services consists of 10 online modules that will help you learn the basic and advanced techniques in proposal writing. Also a great option for those who want to finish their course in a shorter time.

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