Online Education: Why Employers Recruit Online Learners

You may be surprised to know that online education had gained much popularity these past years. Granted, it really did start with a less-than-ideal footing – new ventures start out that way anyway – but now, online education is an accepted mode of formal learning. Though there are still some misunderstandings about online education, most have been ironed out.

Part of this misunderstanding can be attributed to the prevailing belief that employers are not really comfortable recruiting people who ‘only’ finished online degrees. Here are 4 reasons why nothing can be farther than the truth:

Employers hire online learners for their self-learning skills

The uninitiated are prone to think that an online education is an easy one. Since online education offers a lot of convenience to the learner, it leads one to think that it’s a lot less difficult than traditional education. Surprisingly, it’s the other way around – since online courses rely more on the capacity of its students to learn by themselves, it’s a lot harder. The materials that come from an online learning course are mostly self-paced, requiring students to pull out all stops so that they will be able to study the material on their own. This particular characteristic is definitely a boon to companies, making the online learner a prized commodity indeed.

Employers hire online learners for their time management skills

Though most might think that enrolling in an online degree translates to a more flexible study time, it doesn’t really mean that the study hours are consequently lessened. Online students employ different ways to manage their study time, enough that they could devote enough time for their school work and other responsibilities. Study schedules also vary, and the same time management skill would be beneficial to maximize one’s education. It’s this facilitation of a work-life balance that employers look out for, something that online learners have in spades.

Employers hire online learners for their capacity to adapt quickly

Online learning is certainly an exciting one by virtue of a dozen non-traditional methods needed to maintain a fulfilling education. Some class hours require live chats, while others rely more on discussion boards. Email might be the norm for one course, while another might rely on Yahoo messenger. Schedules might change over the course of a study period. Even different facilitators might mean distinctions in teaching styles. All these require an online student to adapt quickly to the many demands of the course they take. This same skill also ensures a stress-free learning experience, something that obviously any person could benefit from. This same competence is obviously enticing to recruiters, and it’s suggested that online learners capitalize on this fact.

Employers hire online learners for their creativity

Online learners usually don’t just rely on their online courses to complete their education. Most students make the most out of their online education by being active on many fronts: volunteer work, apprenticeship, and part-time work are just some examples. Because they don’t need to go to a classroom, they have more time to go out and maximize their learning experiences. Employees see this as a major benefit because it’s a known fact that companies would like employees with a more holistic outlook to their lives.

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