Who will accept my online degree?

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Before you consider taking your online degree one thing to consider is that not all online degrees are the same, once you have completed the course and got your degree then the options open to you will vary on the type of degree you gained. The type of accreditation you got will depend greatly on the choices that are available to you, so before taking your degree make sure you know that you will be able to achieve the goals you set your mind on once you have your degree.

If you simply want to take a course to advance in your knowledge of a particular subject then the type of degree you get wont really matter that much, however if you wish to get a better job or pay increase then it is essential that you choose a course or program which offers an accredited degree by the proper associations. Thinking about the following options will help you to make the right choice before committing yourself to a program.

If your choice of school is accredited by the correct regional agency then any degree you earn will be accepted virtually everywhere.

* All employers will accept your degree.

* Most schools should accept your credits through transfer.

* Your degree will have the same merits as any degree which has been given by a traditional college or university.

If your school or college is accredited by the distance education and training council then any degree you earn will be accepted by some and rejected by others.

* More and more employers are now beginning to accept online degrees.

* There are some traditional colleges which will accept your credits while others will not, for example a recent study showed that 2 out of 3 DECT students had their credits recognised by another institution successfully.

If the school or college is accredited by a professional organisation then the degree you earn will be recognised by those in your particular profession.

* Your degree will be equivalent to a degree which has been granted by a traditional school or college accredited through your professional organisation.

* Some traditional colleges may accept your credits depending on the professional organisation and the school which you earned it from.

* Employers in your specific field will always accept your degree.

If the school or college where you earned your degree is not accredited then your degree will be rejected by almost all employers and universities.

* In most employers eyes your degree will be seen as invalid.

* Traditional colleges and universities will not generally accept your credits.

* A degree earned through an un accredited school will usually be frowned upon and considered inferior to those earned through traditional colleges or schools.

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