Online Degrees: Top 4 Online Crime Scene Investigation Degrees

Forensic science is a field of study that deals with the replication of past events that are connected mostly within the jurisdiction of criminal justice and law. Made popular by TV programs such as CSI, Bones, and NCIS, forensic science has become one of the most interesting choices of study for online learners.

Aside from its multi-disciplinary study framework that is beneficial to beginning online learner, online degrees in criminal investigation also prepare career shifters who already have baseline majors but want to pursue a different career path. Give it a few years and it will become one of the most popular learning degree programs. Here’s a list of the most interesting forensic science degrees online:

Forensic Degree #1: MSc/MA in Forensic Science

Directly schooled with the competencies required for evidence collection, analysis, and preservation, students of forensic science are the experts that you see in the frontline of any criminal investigation. They are usually the first on the scene, and are charged with the responsibility to reconstruct the contributing events and elements of a crime scene. Although they are trained to investigate every nook and cranny, they also have the capacity to discriminate which type of evidence they need would need to further analyze. Graduates in forensic science will be trained in evidence collection and preservation, applications of physics, chemistry, and biology to forensics, law enforcement and legal procedures, and forensic equipment. They would also need to specialize in different aspects of forensics should they want to further their career in the field, an opportunity that’s also covered in some online forensic science courses. If you want to live out your dream as a CSI, then there’s no better way to do it than forensic science degree.

Forensic Degree #2: MA in Forensic Psychology

Also one of the hottest online psychology degrees today, forensic psychology is the application of forensics to human behavior. Forensic psychologists are trained in the expert testimony, deception detection, analysis of non-verbal behavior, psycholinguistics, profiling and counseling. Their major responsibility is the finding ways to project and profile what a particular person would do next, and the necessary strategies to alleviate the situation should it run a less than ideal course. Forensic psychologists may also be trained as police negotiators and interrogators who – though they may focus on different things – implement various degrees of persuasion. If you’re very interested in the field of forensics as applied in psychology, then you’re welcome to give this course a go.

Forensic Degree #3: MS/Certificate in Forensic Nursing

Included in our list of interesting online nursing degrees, a major in forensic nursing puts you at the helm of healthcare support as applied to law enforcement. Forensic nurses are usually in charge in the collection of blood and tissue evidence, and are usually called in for cases concerning sexual assault, abuse, and violent crimes. Given their supportive nature, they also give on-the-spot treatment for victims and provide basic counseling and support should there be a need. This course is designed for registered nurses who want a sub-discipline connected with law enforcement.

Forensic Degree #4: MA in Criminal Justice

Though not an online forensic science degree in the strictest sense, a degree in criminal justice prepares students not only in the basics of procurement, collection, and the preservation of evidence but in executing different investigative procedures that help lead to the successful resolution of cases. Sub-disciplines in criminal justice may vary, but basically all students will be trained with basic forensics, law enforcement and legal procedures, security issues, and physical health. This degree is a good choice for those who want to strike out a new career path in criminal justice, or for law enforcement officers who want to upgrade their skills.

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