Online Degrees: Go to College Without Finishing High School

A college education is certainly a wise investment but there are times when one is not able to obtain one. Unforeseen events and accidental situations during high school might force a student to skip college or at least delay his higher education. But do you know that there are ways in which you could go to college without even finishing high school? It’s surprising, to say the least, but definitely workable. Here are 4 ways to apply for an online undergraduate program without a high school diploma.

Go to college without finishing high school by getting a GED certificate

The GED or General Education Development certificate was made specifically for people who haven’t had the benefit of finishing high school. Obtained by taking a test, the GED certificate can be used in lieu of a high school diploma. The GED test serves to evaluate a person’s competencies in standard high school topics, summarily divided into the Language Arts, Reading, Social Studies, Science and Mathematics. Review classes are given for GED but are not mandatory; the students are only required pass a pre-test that would allow them to take the actual GED test. International students who plan to enroll in an online program based in the US are also suggested to take the test so that instant equivalencies could be used for their subjects. This route also allows international students to earn their online degrees faster so it’s something to keep in mind.

Go to college without finishing high school by crediting life experience

Some online universities give credit to the work and life experience of a student recognizing the fact that these could serve to substitute for an online education. A lifetime of achievement and work could well serve to show a competency that’s more than what’s needed for high school. Other schools might also consider the extra-curricular activities of a high school student, enabling him to go to college without completing all his subjects. For the latter example, a student should have a higher-than-average competency in the subject to be able to ask for credit; be sure to inquire upon its details.

Go to college without finishing high school by enrolling in both at the same time

Since it is a known fact that some students who want to college didn’t finish high school in time, some online colleges allow concurrent enrollment – the student attends both high school and college at the same time. This happens on instances where the student only needs to complete a few credits worth of high school courses to get his diploma and is the suggested approach for such a situation. Just ask both schools it they could allow such an arrangement, and you’re well on your way to finishing your Bachelor’s degree.

Go to college without finishing high school by enrolling in a ladderized program

Some colleges have preparation programs in place specifically designed for people who don’t have a high school diploma. Instead of making the student take a GED test, he is placed in an intensive high school-oriented course run by the school. This program ensures that he will be able to develop all the required competencies for the tertiary courses of the school, and usually takes from 6-months to a year to finish. This is also the route that could be considered by international students if they are set on enrolling in a specific online college that fits their goals..

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