Online Degrees: 4 Ways to Earn Your Degree Faster

Online education is very convenient because of its flexible approach to studying. It’s easy to personalize your online education because you are able to set the pace of your learning and are free to choose how to go about your education. Part of this accommodation is also expressed by way of when a student would be able to graduate; there are ways in which you can earn your degree earlier than expected. Excited to make the most out of your online education? Here are four ways in which you could shorten the time you need to finish a degree.

Tip #1: Earn your degree faster by getting certification

Instead of taking all the courses in the online program, a student may have the option to take tests that would instantly get him credit for the course. This is usually reserved for language subjects and basic media courses but it’s not rare to find a course which will allow testing. Ask your online university about the ways in which you could get instant credit for a subject – they’ll be glad to help you out. Just take note that accreditation might cost a bit of money, but given the benefits you get it still seems a wise investment.

Tip #2: Earn your degree faster with credit equivalencies

Career shifters who start an online graduate degree are sometimes required to take additional units in the basic courses for its field. In other cases, there are some similarities between the graduate and undergraduate courses of a given field of study. To capitalize on this and help you earn your degree faster, ask your online university if there are undergraduate academic credits that you could use to substitute. For example, if an online program calls for a subject in Algebra, and you already took that subject in college, maybe you wouldn’t have to take the online course again. The same credit could also be given to alternatives to online degrees such as technical-vocational or personal development courses, so be sure to take that into consideration.

Tip #3: Earn your degree faster by capitalizing on life experience

If you’ve been working long enough, you might be able to inquire if your school could give your academic units based on your life experiences. This includes training certificates earned at work, projects you worked on, accomplishments at work, and participation in extra-curricular activities; the list is not exhaustive, so be sure to include anything that you might think relevant. It might also help if you could create a compilation that would attest to your experiences – a portfolio comes to mind – so that it would be easier for your online school to decide.

Tip #4: Earn your degree faster through internship work

If you don’t have much experience and have no creditable undergraduate units, you can still earn extra credit by logging man-hours through volunteer work or internships. Ask your local establishments if they could take you in as an intern. If you’re studying an online program that’s best for an education job, then it might be best for you to contact your local school regarding openings for teaching assistants or education assistants. Ask your online university about the procedure for crediting the time you spent doing extra work; it’s one of the best ways to earn your degree faster.

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