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Whether you are looking to earn your first degree or merely want to further your education by learning new skills, the internet has many programs and courses for learning online with distance learning programs suitable for all levels of education. Listed below are some of the most popular programs and degrees:

Online Doctoral Degree

A Doctoral degree is the highest possible achievement that you can possibly earn, it doesn’t matter which Doctoral degree you choose to take be it a research PhD a DA, Doctor of arts of other variant. To achieve a Doctorate you will need to study for between four to six years and you must complete a course of study, original research and write a thesis.

Online MBA Degree

The top reasons for getting your MBA are when you are thinking of taking a change in the course of your career or want to advance in your current field of work. Getting your MBA will increase your chances of getting an increase in salary and is something which is essential if you are thinking about starting up your own business. An MBA is essential also if you want to specialise in a certain area and if you wish to compete in today’s global market.

Online Masters Degree

A masters degree program is one that involves specialised knowledge in one particular field, and are generally awarded upon successful completion of a postgraduate course of one or two years in duration. The most popular master’s degrees are ones in business, criminal justice, education, health science and computer science.

Online bachelor’s degree

Bachelors degree are given by 4 year colleges and universities and you will have had to put in 120 to 128 semester credit hours, popular online Bachelor degrees are in design, retail management, technology, nursing management and human resources.

Online associate degrees

An associate degree is a type of undergraduate degree which will require a minimum of 60 semester credit hours, popular associate degree programs are business and management, communication, graphic design, computer programming and education.

Online certificate programs

Certificate programs are educational credentials which are awarded when successfully completing a preset curriculum, which is an organised program completed faster than a degree. Popular certificate degree programs are criminal justice, technology, financial planning, psychology and health care.

Online college courses

Colleges and universities which are accredited offer a wide range of online courses which are available for both credit and non credit, popular subject areas are business, education, psychology, technology and human services.

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