Online Courses: What Courses are Best Taken Online?

Whether you’re a university student wanting to earn your degree faster or a professional thinking of changing careers, taking some of your courses online can be a great help. Aside from capitalizing on the convenience an online education provides, studying online also benefits the learner in terms of savings. If you’re pondering whether an online course would be the way to go, it might help if you know more about what courses are best taken online and could help you start make the most out of your online education.

How do I know which course I should take online?

Subjects best taken online are usually those that require little real-time interaction with students and faculty. This means that courses such as these are more project-oriented than discussion-driven and usually evaluate students’ competence based on the quality the projects submitted. Courses best taken online should also be able to benefit from the simplest of media, relying more on text than video (or even audio) for its delivery. It is also suggested that courses taken online should be easily recognized and accredited by traditional universities so that the student has more options available.

What subjects do we suggest? Here are 5 types of courses best taken online:

Online course you should take online #1: General Education courses

Since students could cross-register and take their general education courses in different universities without much of a problem, these courses are definite choices for an online education. In addition to allowing students to take their subjects at the comfort of their own homes, online general education courses also provide variation to a student’s education.

Online course you should take online #2: Computer Programming courses

The first online courses were about computer programming and web technologies, making these subjects obvious candidates for a would-be online learner to try out. Since the subjects themselves talk about the very media (i.e. the Internet) that is being learned, it makes sense to take these courses online.

Online course you should take online #3: Literature courses

Literature courses usually don’t require much synchronous interaction between students and faculty; students are given scheduled reading assignments and are usually just required to submit their reflections to class. Given that most of the learning here occurs outside of the subject, it’s also a very suitable online course.

Online course you should take online #4: Writing courses

Writing courses usually revolve around the writing exercises that students are required to accomplish, making it an obvious example of a project-oriented course. These are usually included in the curriculum of English Studies and Literature degrees, making online education a good choice for students of these majors.

Online courses you should take online #5: Social studies courses

Generally, social studies courses benefit from an online learning format. Most of the required readings and study guides are given in text, and the projects not as media-hungry as the other types of courses. Given this, humanities courses might be a more advanced online course choice for many, although it’s not rare to see subjects optimized for online learning available in some universities.

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