Online Courses: Top 4 Online Personal Development Courses

There is always a big demand for personal development courses. As one of the top alternatives to online degrees, these courses fill up the needs of casual learners or those who mainly want to pursue new interests in an informal manner. Though these courses do not necessarily fulfill professional requirements, enrolling in a personal development course starts off a learning journey that may lead to a new career path in the future.

There are different categories of personal development courses. One could say that the list may be inexhaustible because there will always be new interests coming our way; this day and age is really a modern renaissance. But let’s take a snapshot of what’s popular now, and take a look at the top 4 courses about personal development:

Personal Development Course #1: Photography Classes

A picture paints a thousand words, and skilled compositions do tell a lot. With a photography course, one learns the very things that make a picture interesting, vibrant, or worthwhile. Online courses in photography train the student in the basics composition, advanced techniques, darkroom management, and equipment maintenance and installation. These may not be enough to prepare the student to start his own photography business or to apply for a job at a media company because this is a personal development course, but it certainly points the way.

Personal Development Course #2: Writing Classes

To write a book is one o f the most often mentioned lifetime goals of people. It speaks of a grand creation of sorts and of using one’s mind to tackle a different reality through words and prose. An online writing course prepares a person for this dream part of the way, training the student with assigning a variety of writing exercises that hone his writing skill. Students are taught the essentials of style, writing for different audiences, developing their own writing voice, portfolio management, and the basics of publishing. If you still want to finish that dream novel, then enrolling in an online writing course might be the way to go.

Personal Development Course #3: Fashion Design Classes

Those who like to draw and have an impeccable sense of style might be interested to take up an online course in fashion design. As on would observe, being skilled in dressmaking and fashion design is not only a practical skill because it allows one to design her own wardrobe at the least expense, it also is a marketable skill because one could also design clothes for others. Given this, personal development courses of this type train the student on the essentials of fashion design and dressmaking, fabric and materials acquisition, and pattern design. Some online courses also offer basic training in entrepreneurship should students be interested with the business essentials of fashion design.

Personal Development Course #4: Interior Design Classes

There’s a big market on interior design and most have capitalize on this knowledge by enrolling in this online course. It’s one of the perfect choices for people who like to draw or those who have an eye for blending space and design. Schooled in aesthetics, ergonomics, and functionality, the interior design student is trained to make sense out of given space and give meaning to it by selecting the most appropriate decoration, furniture, color, and material. Though this personal development course is not really a formal introduction to an interior design degree, it tackles the design basics that could equip the person with practical knowledge that he could quickly apply to his home.

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