Online Chemistry Degree Program and Distance Education

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A degree in chemistry online has been an option for many in recent times, as students can pursue this course from the comfort of their homes. With career options in science opening up, more and more students are opting this course. In this article we will explore more details about pursuing chemistry online.

What Is An Online Degree in Chemistry?

Chemistry is the study of matter. Right from atoms and molecules that form the smallest building blocks, students learn about more complex structures. Chemical reactions and processes form an important part of the course as well. As this science relates with other fields of study and has a strong link with our daily life, a degree in chemistry also furthers awareness in mathematics, physics, the environment and so on.


Students who have displayed an interest and aptitude for science may pursue a degree in chemistry after completing high school. They are expected to be good in mathematics and have an eye for remembering chemical formulae and structures. Many universities hold competitive examinations. As students pass from one academic qualification to another, they are expected to have passed with good grades to secure admission at the next program.

Qualification Levels

A degree in chemistry online is offered at the associate, bachelors, masters and doctoral level. While the associate and bachelors degree in chemistry offer a broad overview of the subject, a masters and doctoral program are more specialized.

Course Content

A study of chemistry involves theoretical study as well as classes in the laboratory. No course is complete without modules on both. However, some programs in chemistry online focus more on theoretical aspects as students may not be able to attend regular laboratory classes. Other courses may organize laboratory classes in sessions, so that students may attend them easily. While a bachelors degree student will have to study chemistry along with aspects of biology, physics and mathematics, in a masters degree students will choose their areas of interest. They may specialize in Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Nuclear Chemistry and so on. Students have to complete projects and submit a thesis in some courses. Credits for different courses vary.

Course Delivery

Students pursuing a course in chemistry online take part in lectures and discussions online and are provided study material. They are guided by experts in the field and faculty members. Not only are they expected to study the lessons carefully, they are also expected to read online journals to understand the topics better. Laboratory assignments also form an important part of the course and students are expected to attend these classes.

Career Opportunities and Job Prospects

Students of chemistry can look forward to various career options after their course, depending on their specialization and area of interest. While the most conventional option is to work as a chemistry teacher, students of chemistry can also work in pharmacies, as scientists, analysts or in other capacities. Research in chemistry is a very good option for students. Doctoral students of chemistry can work with the government. Salaries for students of chemistry can range from $60,000 to $90,000 depending on one’s level of specialization.

While finding out about the right chemistry course online, do remember to check the accreditation of the university. With many reputed universities offering a course in chemistry online, these programs are becoming quite popular nowadays.

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