Nursing Degrees : Three Interesting Online Nursing Degrees

If you’re a registered nurse, chances are you are fulfilling specialized roles in the institution you are assigned in. Some of these specializations you may have known already: psychiatric care, geriatrics, pediatrics, adult acute care, critical care, community health, and so on. But in line with the expansion of the supportive roles of a nurse, it is inevitable that there are other domains that a nurse may be called to specialize in. Here are 3 online nursing degree programs that you might be interested to look into:

MS/Certificate in Forensic Nursing – Registered nurses who are interested in working with law enforcement agencies or who want to expand their skills in the field of forensics would be well comfortable with taking an online nursing degree majoring in forensics. As you may very well know, the study of forensics involves the re-enactment of physical evidence to counter criminal activity and to catch offenders. Forensic nurses are then trained in the collection of tissue and blood samples, and the necessary analysis that is required to be performed on the gathered evidence. They need to master forensic terminology, injury assessment, law enforcement policies, investigation procedures, and legal policies. Those who specialize in forensic nursing will be called upon on cases with sexual assault, abuse, violent crimes, or other offenses with sensitive circumstances. It may not be one of the most popular online learning degree programs out there but well worth a look if you have the passion for the field.

MS/Certificate in Nursing Informatics – Combining the fields of computer science, database systems, information technology, and healthcare, a nursing informatics is all about the study of information technology and its applications in medical care. Since immediate and accurate diagnostics is needed to provide proper health care management, it is important that an optimized system for the storage and retrieval of patient information is in place, and as you may have guessed, students who studied nursing informatics would be at the forefront of such a system. The program intersects with that of biomedical engineering (a sub-field of engineering that deals with the medical applications, itself one of the top five online engineering degrees), in the sense that both fields came as a result of a blend of their respective specialties and technology. If you’re a registered nurse who want to delve into the world of database management and computer technology, or is a technology professional who wants to focus on healthcare applications, then an online degree in nursing informatics might be a good choice for you.

MS/Certificate in Nursing Education – Designed for registered nurses who want to take up teaching positions, a degree in nursing education trains students in nursing pedagogy (i.e. teaching and learning), curriculum design and implementation, and educational evaluation. There will always be a need for nursing faculty in undergraduate programs, and such an online nursing degree is just the ticket for the position. Students will undergo training in adult education, and the design and use of teaching strategies that are effective in clinical and classroom settings. Nursing professors will also be trained to do action research, and the use of educational applications to further their teaching competencies.

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