Note Taking: Tips For Taking Classroom & Lecture Notes

Taking notes is an important study skill to have for students at any level of study. Whether you are a high school student or a Masters students, good note taking is an extremely useful skill to cultivate as it not only helps to improve your study memory but will also ultimately be helpful in getting you wonderful grades.

Taking Lecture Notes – Having A Strategy

For some people taking classroom notes is a skill that comes naturally and they do not need any help with note taking. They do not need to plan it and are well prepare to take good lecture notes at all times. However, not everyone is skilled at note taking and some people need a little bit of guidance. If you need help taking lecture notes, the first thing you should know is that you need to be well prepared, which means a student should always develop a good strategy for taking classroom notes.  Having a proper note taking strategy means being well prepared for your class or lecture so you take notes efficiently and effectively and get the best out of your note taking.

How To Take Notes

Note taking does not require much instructions but a few tips on how to take notes might be helpful when developing a strategy for effective note taking. Effective note taking means grasping the main points of the class and jotting down lecture notes that include a gist of the points discussed. Most teachers and professors give students an idea of what will be discussed in the next class. Students can use this to their advantage by getting an idea of what is important and jotting down their classroom notes based on that information. This way they can avoid writing down every detail of the lecture because often there is a lot of information that they will not really need.

Using Notetaking Software & Technology

Technology has made many things more convenient and easy to handle including note taking as well. While the most basic form of taking notes involves paper and pencil (or pen), students have many more advanced options available to them these days and this includes advanced notetaking software. Most colleges allow students to have computers with them in class and this is excellent if you are interested in using notetaking software. Some of these softwares are meant only for use on the computer while others can be used online as well. Lecture notes can be easily created, edited and organized using these state of the art softwares designed for taking notes.

In addition to various note taking software for classroom and lecture notes, students often also go the journalist way and use simple dictaphones to record lectures and then creating detailed notes when they get home. This is also an excellent use of technology for effectively taking notes and helping with studies.

Once you have effectively mastered the art of taking notes, you will notice that studying becomes easier and preparing for exams and tests and even writing papers seems much less intimidating than before. Effective note taking is an excellent way to organise all the information that is delivered in lectures so if a student learns this skill well enough they are likely to improve their studying habits to a great extent.

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