Multiple Choice Exams: Multiple Choice Test Taking Strategies

Multiple choice exams are a part of today’s academic system. Almost every school and college, irrespective of the field of study subjects students to multiple choice tests. On first glance, a multiple choice test might seem much easier than a long answer examination; however multiple choice tests can be just as hard and do require a lot of preparation.

Taking Multiple Choice Tests

Multiple choice tests require as much studying as a long answer examination as they test your knowledge of the subject. For those unaware of what multiple choice tests are – multiple choice exams are usually a question of a sentence or two followed by three to five options for answers. Students must choose from these options the answer they believe is right. Very often students think multiple choice tests will be easier as the right answer will immediately stand out from the wrong answers but often the options for answers are very similar and students will have to know their subject matter very well to be able to pick the correct answer.

Multiple Choice Tips: Multiple Choice Test Taking Skills

Multiple choice tests require a different kind of preparation and approach so you must know how to approach such an exam.

  • First and foremost, remember to study your subject matter thoroughly. Jot down the important facts and learn the details well. Remember, multiple choice exams thrive on detail so you must learn details well.
  • Once you are giving the exam, remember to read the questions well, understand each answer option. Remember to find out if there can be more than one right answer, if there is any negative marking for guessing and other such details.
  • Read through each question and look through each answer well so you know what your options are.
  • If you are unsure of any question, start by dismissing any answer options you know are definitely wrong. This will help you narrow down your options.
  • If you have to guess an answer, remember you must only do it if you are not penalized for it. If you can guess, try to guess smartly by choosing options that seem to make sense and you might even be able to get hints from other questions and answers.
  • Sometimes you may have an “All of the above” option. Don’t be tempted to jump for this option involuntarily. Consider all of your answer options well and if you are convinced they are all valid answers to the question, only then should you choose the “All of the above” option.
  • If you find two of the answers are very similar, make sure you analyze it well in relation to the question. Remember, you are not only finding the correct answer but the best answer for the question as well so minor differences between two options may be the difference between the right and the wrong answer.

Multiple choice tests require detailed and thorough preparation and a calm approach to the answering. Keep calm and consider all of your options well before choosing the right answer and you should do well at your next multiple choice exam.

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